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Is Spybot Really Safe ???

Discussion in 'Software' started by rocco1504, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. rocco1504

    rocco1504 Private E-2

    :confused: Hi All, just thought I ought to mention this, as a lot of you Nice people probably use Spybot S+D.
    Anyway, to cut to the Chase, I've used Spybot almost since it was created, but about Mid- Year, I thought i'd better get a Shareware Spyware program, so on a reccomendation from my local Computer Shop. I went for Webroot's Spysweeper.
    Anyway, when I ran spybot recently, after a session of looking at some Porn sites ( Well I am a RED Blooded Male ,after all !!! ) after Spybot did it's thing and then asks you what you'd like to do with the results, I clicked Delete, and all of a sudden a Spysweeper Alert Box pop's up saying that Spybot S+D,Saying that Spybot was trying to Load A CoolWWWSearch Varient into my Browser, so obviously I plumped for the DENY option, but it does seem to me that Spybot is Not Invulnable after all.
    I'd be intrested in any comments on this, or if anyone else has had this problem.
    P.S. Apologies if this Thread is in the wrong place, i'm not great at this Forum stuff.
  2. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    False Positive, Spybot does not put CWS on your system. Spy Sweeper is an excellent program and highly recommend by several members of this forum.

    What is happening is that each program uses definitions to locate and identify various infections; with Spy Sweeper running it saw Spybot accessing files and locations along with registry entries associated with CWS, and reported that Spybot was loading CWS, that is incorrect Spybot was attempting to fix CWS. This is why we ask individuals who are using Spy Sweeper, Ewido Security Suite, MS Antispyware, SpywareGuard, and other programs to disable those programs when fixing infections. These programs often interfere with fixes when actively monitoring your system.
  3. rocco1504

    rocco1504 Private E-2

    Hi, Many Many Thanks for resolving that for me, I didn't want to scare anyone, but it is a bit worrying when something like it happens, if you don't really understand how these Spyware Programs work.
    I stand Duly Corrected And Humbled.
    Please delete Thread if you feel it may cause other user's problems

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