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Keyboard behaves strange : kindly help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by geneman, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. geneman

    geneman Private First Class

    Hi guys

    from today morning i have noticed when i type something in my notepad some extra letters get typed when i type something, like when i type a "t" a "4" comes alongside, and vice versa...i have given the sample below, what it was typed when i was typing this message b4 i corrected.. plis help how to correct this prob..

    from t4oday7 morning i have not4iced when i t4y7pe somet4hing in my7 not4epad some ext4ra let4t4ers get4s t4y7ped when i t4y7pe somet4hing, like when i t4y7pe a t a t cpmes alongside, and vice versa...i have given t4he sample below, what4 it4 was t4y7ped when i t4y7ped t4his message bt4 i correct4ed.. plis help how t4o correct4 t4his prob
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2006
  2. geneman

    geneman Private First Class

    any idea guys??
  3. Count

    Count Private E-2

    Have you spilt anything over the keyboard?

    If you spill even a small amount of liquid you can fuse parts of the keyboard membrane.

    (Remember the keyboard takes a small charge of electricty from th epc - about the same amount as a domestic phone - and each of the keys are connected by conductive pathwasy that carry this electric current.

    Liquid water is a very good conductor of electricity so once it has worked under the keys it spreads out and sends current between places it shouldn't go, physically burning the material.)

    The letters are grouped together by physical placement. If an area of the keyboard is damaged it affects those keys that share path ways. The t 4 y and 7 are all in the same area so probably share pathways.

    It suggests for me physical damage.

    If you feel confident enough, open it up. Just turn it over undo the screws, and very carfully take it apart, careful not to let bits drop out. Look at the two printed plastic sheets, are there any breaks or blackened scorch marks across any of the pathways?

    A quick way to check whether it's physical keyboard damage; borrow another keyboard, see how that behaves on your machine. If it behaves correctly, bingo; either try to repair the membrane (do-able but tricky) or get another keyboard.

    If you still get the same effect with another k/b then woh man you've got something freaky going on beyond my realm of expertise, and that is a software domain!!

  4. J3D

    J3D Private E-2

    i've just started having a similar problem but qwerty was the first to go so im stuck with the on-screen keyboard damn it :p there are also a few other random keys that have died.. its a wireless bluetooth HP keyboard (i know i know :p) i changed the batteries but no difference. I'm guessing someone might have spilled something on it? any ideas?
  5. geneman

    geneman Private First Class

    ok guys its regarding this same keyboard problem, today morning i booted the laptop and found all the keys r working fine.. so any1 has idea wat may b reason ? how the problem got solved of its own?? is there something loose inside :confused:
  6. geneman

    geneman Private First Class

    waiting for someones opinion..
  7. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    I would say that some crumbs got dropped in there and occasionally are causing things to get lodged up.

    I would get me a can of air...pop off (GENTLY) the + - & Enter keys on the far end of the number pad, and take that can of air and work your way down toward the end and you might be surprised what comes out!! Especially if you eat at your computer!!!! Now you get everything blown down to the open hole you created by removing those keys and you can dump it out or suck it out with the vacuum.


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