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Kodo or Lemon Family Volunteers

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lostkiwi, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    First, I think what you're doing is awesome.
    I have a couple of questions...
    When you click on the family's wish list, it will give clothing sizes for each person. I was wondering how often this is updated as the kids, especially the younger ones grow really fast. Same thing with their actual wishes. Not a greedy family, I was crying. How often do they update that? Can we send toys and/or clothes/ (and accessories for the older kids). Do you have Best Buy in Chicago or some other store for the bigger kids to choose stuff? I will send a check (you don't have to make me eat anything) and I would like to send some items too.
    Nice job to you all, this family needs and deserves as much help as our hearts and wallets can give. Talk about your "quiet dignity", I feel small in comparison to all 22 of them.
    Can I put the link in my signature too?
    I hope it is okay to put this thread here, I wanted you and everyone else to see it. :)
  2. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    Cindysnoopy is our closest physical link to them, and she's out of town for a while, but I don't think those have been updated since around the first of the year. Hopefully once Cindy gets back we can get some more current info.

    Honestly, there was a flurry of traffic around the Christmas season, then not much after that, so it hasn't been much of an ongoing effort. Hopefully there's been more donated than just what we had a handle on, but our information has been very limited.

    It's just FINE of you want to add them to your sig. Several others do already. Or a link on another website, or anything that will get them some attention. Getting the word out in any way is a good thing. :)
  3. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    Thanks GT, I have a couple of other board (non-geek:) )that I visit and I know this will be embraced by them, I will talk to their mods. If someone can talk to the parents and get an update, maybe they can post sizes (for now) here.
  4. debbie

    debbie Private First Class

    I also posted the story and link on two other message boards.
  5. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    did you ask the mods or just go in and start a thread? I don't want to have it deleted or bumped because I did it wrong. I'm good at that ;), but don't want to mess this up :)
  6. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    When in doubt, either PM the mods in advance, or start a thread and ask if it's OK to post it. Most reasonably adult groups won't mind it at all, but there have been a few. Wenchie posted it at one with that got some very nasty comments. A few good ones too, but you don't want to start a war anywhere.

    BTW, Kodo built that site from scratch, and is about the only one there that knows how to do anything with it. (Kudos to Kodo :D)
  7. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    <BTW, Kodo built that site from scratch, and is about the only one there that knows how to do anything with it. (Kudos to Kodo )>

    I'll second that GT :D

    Thanks for the advice.
  8. debbie

    debbie Private First Class

    i own one of the boards, so unless i delete it myself, its not going anywhere...lol

    the other one is a parenting board and wont have a problem with it at all...

    different sites are, well, different- if you are ever unsure its alwasy best to ask, though. however, I dont think this story would offend anyone or break TOS...unless they just done like sites being linked....
  9. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    Okay, new dumb question, when you "post the story", do I cut and paste something? What? It would be easier than using my own words and I don't want to just put the link. I really don't want to screw this up. Direction please!
  10. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    And what is this crap "there was a flurry of activity around Christmas time"! Why do people think that charity is seasonal? Doesn't feed or clothe or pay the bills for the rest of the year!
    Same as 9/11 and the flags and stickers on cars and flags in yards. Gone. My flag is still up, my sticker is still on the car and I'll keep giving to the local soup kitchen all freaking year.
    Well, at least you know I'll stay on the bandwagon :eek:
  11. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    You should probably get an answer to this from Kodo, but note the red statement at the bottom of the main page. We got permission from the newspaper to post their article at the Lemons site, but not for blanket distribution, so it would be better not to post the entire articles.

    It IS always acceptable to post a short clip from an article, then link to the entire article. I'd do that. Post just the opening, or a compelling short statement from the article, then post a link to the specific page the article in on.

    We seriously need to update the site to show that things are not as rosy as they looked in January, but I don't know how to do that myself. You can always mention that in your posts though.

    (Aside) The threads are probably too old to find, but MG got together at the start of this and volunteered parts and software to build them one new computer and to freshen up one older one, and we gave them 2 puters for the family to work with. That was a lot of fun. :)
  12. Kodo


    The links to the stories no longer work. They show different stories.. WTF :confused:
    best to link to 22lemons if anything.
  13. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

  14. pegg

    pegg MajorGeek

    2 other article texts


    I hope I posted that link right. Above is a link to a thread by CindySnoopy where I was able to find the text to two past articles (where the link no longer took you to the correct newspaper article) I can't see that either or these articles are the ones just listed by G.T. but they might be of further help for those looking for info.

    Maybe they could get listed on the "history" page too (I didn't do a thorough search of the Lemon site I admit, so maybe they're there). ;)
  15. Ginanatl

    Ginanatl Specialist

    I think it's great that this is coming back up as a topic again! :D

    I haven't seen Cindy OR Eric in forever, it seems...

    G.T., have you been in touch with them?

    Happy 4th everyone,
  16. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    They headed down to Bushnell a couple weeks ago, to spend a month, so they've probably got a couple weeks to go yet. Combination vacation and a large music festival that they work in. I don't think they've got even a phone like to their trailer down there, so I don't expect to hear much from them 'til they get back.

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