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laptop problem laptop turn on but nothing on screen HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BackStaber, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. BackStaber

    BackStaber Private E-2

    :confused: first of all i wanna thank everone for taking the time and looking at this. Ok i got this laptop from a guy that dont know shit about computers and well he said "i dont know what happend but it wont show anything" so im like its prob lcd messed up but i turn it on and blank screen nothing not even back light just like its off. so i connected the laptop to my monitor and turn it on, press "fn" then "f8" to make it swith to vga and no signal, is this the video card ?? or what??. iv took the laptop apart checked all connection and wires everything. could it be cpu???
    sony vio pcg-fx310
    celeron 900mhz
    256 ram
    15gig hd :confused:
  2. A.Son

    A.Son Sergeant

    some laptop like desknote that You can take CPU out for test like normal PC spart parts
    Good Lock :D

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