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Lavasoft has abandoned Ad-aware 5.83.

Discussion in 'Software' started by howie, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. howie

    howie Private E-2

  2. Thunder

    Thunder Private E-2

  3. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

  4. howie

    howie Private E-2

    Good, I am glad it has not gone forever, I removed aaw from my comp after reading it "might not be safe", like saying goodbye to an old friend, looking forward to ver 6, will it be here?
  5. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Yes, we will host the main file, any updates and whatever else they have asked for. Lavasoft tries not to host the file themselves to save costs offering a free program and we are an official mirror, getting the file directly from them first.
  6. howie

    howie Private E-2

    Cool, February release I read somewhere, until then I guess its spybot.:D
  7. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    I read January and last email I got from them an hour ago used the words "last minute" which I interpet as days to weeks. :)
  8. mgfriedemann

    mgfriedemann Private E-2

    I got a free Ad-Aware version "stargate#36.8396.2" Like it was several months ago..so like it has been trashed without noting the version??? I had used it through-out Windows98se and at that time it did remove Ads which did speed up my machine. It was sweet.
    I tried it on XPpro and Ad-Aware has now become an antivirus program so not what I remembered.
    Anyways, I uninstalled it(using ControlPanel uninstallation method) and trashed it.

    BUT it has left behind a "spam bar at the bottom of my screen and this is still running slowing up my computer.
    I did the Ctrl/Alt/Del to see what was running and don't see it in the processes running. I want this thing G-O-N-E. As it shows up as an additional program running while I am doing downloads and other stuff.

    Suggestions? Outside of redownloading Ad-Aware again just to uninstall it. It shows above the clock on Firefox(which is my main browser for me) so do not know I.E. or G.C.
    I am up to SP3 for XP, Firewalled, and have Antivir antivirus
  9. mgfriedemann

    mgfriedemann Private E-2

    Holey Smokes...I even found the installer...version which I just reinstalled, am going to do a cold boot and then see if I can uninstall it using it's program . I wasn't that far off with the stargate # IMO
    So, I "may get it this time" or not.


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