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Linux vs. XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by tigerray00, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. tigerray00

    tigerray00 Specialist

    From what I understand there are various Linux mirrors out there for the taking.

    The question I have is what is the main difference?

    What i mean is, is XP more secure?

    I don't have any experience with Linux, but was considering trying it as a main OS.

    I know there's probably a lot of differences, but do these mirrors offer free updates to security issues like microsoft, and how hard is it to find compatable antivirus/spyware programs that truly work with it?

    Also can anyone comment on the difference in gaming issues?
  2. Tater

    Tater Tot

    Great questions, I'm eagerly awaiting any info as well. (sorry I couldn't help though).
  3. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

  4. g1lgam3sh

    g1lgam3sh MajorGeek

    I run both. Linux is more secure no question. One of the reasons why is that it is modular rather than overlay. There have been a few Linux threads if you do a search.

    In the meantime that's a good link from JP. If you follow the other threads mentioned you will find links to various distros. You could try Knoppix, (which runs off the CD), to have a look. I have posted links to other distros.

    If anyone lives here in the UK I can let you have a copy of Manadrake 10 on DVD, (good starting distro), or Red Hat Fedora Core 3 64 bit on DVD. Postage only.

    Give it a try, it's worth it:)
  5. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    Actually linux isn't any more secure due it the fact that no os is completly secure. Its all about the user not the os. But if your planning on gaming definitaly stick with xp. Most of the time if you don't know the os thats were the security problem lyes.
  6. Robster12

    Robster12 The Horse Whisperer

    I love linux.
    Run it exclusively.
    Recently I had a buddy call me. He had Windows ME. His rig was toasted. (After all, the maintainance on Windows software is really high now... just look at all the threads on this board alone dedicated to spyware, viruses, etc...)

    Now, I went over, installed Ubuntu.
    Here's a link:

    This is definitely "your Grandmother's linux". Easy to use. My buddy had never seen linux before. Would his AOL chat thingy and his Yahoo chat thingy work on it?

    With GAIM, they not only worked, but they were integrated together, as one. Now he can chase women more efficiently. And, shouldn't a computer make your life more efficient?

    As for security, I won't argue with anybody.

    But, I will wonder how someone can engineer an OS where malicious code can run rampant over the whole system.

    You owe it to yourself to give it a try. I can mail you a copy of the Ubuntu cd's if you PM me. They have a bootable one, and an install one.

    I work as a help desk technician. How many times people call in and say... hey...
    my e-mail won't work today. (???) On stable linux, if your e-mail works today, then it will work tomorrow, next week, and six months from now. I don't get it.
  7. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Ah but it may work forever more, its a biatch to set up.

    Thats my main gripe with Linux, it takes a lot more labour to set things up or change them. And the fact hardware support is patchey at best. Other than that, its a cool OS :D
  8. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    Its all how the user uses it. The average linux user doesn't call help desks because they are smart enough to google it or fix it them selves.
  9. Robster12

    Robster12 The Horse Whisperer

    Yeah, but, Goldfish...
    This guy I was talking about was just configuring it as a simple end user standalone computer. He was not running services.

    no webservers or fileservers or any kind of servers, just a simple client type of computer, you know...

    Nowadays, say, with the Ubuntu, its like falling off a log, the setup and install, that is. That's why I'm so excited about dual-booting my mother (yes, my mother) with XP and Ubuntu on the new 80 GB hdd I gave her for Christmas!

  10. Robster12

    Robster12 The Horse Whisperer

    Its still very much a "do it yourself" kind of OS, I think.
    But, it seems as though, say with Ubuntu, that the "user interface" if you will, is becoming MUCH more intutitive.

    Like I said, the guy I helped out, took right to it, very few troubles. As long as things are similiar to the Windows interface, where the user can intuitively know what's up...
  11. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    I have played with ubantu and enjoy it too.

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