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Lucky eh?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MrPewty, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. MrPewty

    MrPewty MajorGeek

  2. aLLiKZar

    aLLiKZar It's not too late to back out!

    Yea I heard about that. Pretty crazy.
    Lucky for you that you had an alternate
    route back.
  3. Kodo


    damn dude.. lucky is right!
  4. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    just plain luck. It's hard to believe those trivial dilemmas in your head (eg which route to take) can have such a large impact on your life.
  5. Wenchie

    Wenchie I R teh brat

    Thank goodeness you werent hurt.. that noone was. Its amazing, the same thing happened here, took out 4 or 5 homes a fews years ago... and yet NONE of those people were home and noone died. One family lost a few dogs though. Still...
  6. cindysnoopy

    cindysnoopy Shotgun!

    The church that Eric and I got married in had the roof cave in several years ago. It was after a particularly windy weekend, and the family who lives on the premises decided to all go grocery shopping together (usually one of the parents goes and the other stays home with the kids) it fell in while they were gone. The whole church had to be torn down. Heartbreaking. It was a beautiful building with huge stained glass windows. I actually found a site with a picture of it being torn down. http://www.midwestwrecking.com/buena.htm. Our church was trying to buy it from the church who owned it, because they didn't have many members and we had been renting it from them. Thankfully, they turned us down.

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