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Media Players

Discussion in 'Software' started by Tarkus, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Tarkus

    Tarkus Private E-2

    I would like some advise regarding media players. I have Windows XP Pro and only have Windows Media Player installed. It works great when the file type is appropriate. However, there are several occassions when Real player is required. What I would like to know is:

    1. Can I install Real player so that it only plays the files not played by Windows Media Player, and if so, how?

    2. How would I see exactly what files can and cannot be player by both players?

    3.. Is there another player out there that's better than both of these and plays everything?

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


    P.S. I have a Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo III 7.1 sound card if that makes any difference.
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus Private E-2

    No one knows the answer to this? Thanks for any insights someone might give.

  3. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    1) There should be an icon that real assigns to all your avi and mp3's. Also, when you have more than 1 player you get a choice menu. BTW, don't buy Real, imho it's not worth it. I actually deleted Real and have had no trouble playing anything.

    2) Windows Media Player has file types. wmv for video and wma for audio. the others someone else may know.

    3) That's usually a personal preference. You've got divx, winamp, Can only remember these.
  4. Brian C

    Brian C Private Peanut Gallery

    Check out this one.

    Also at thefreesite.com you can find a lot of different ones.
    Throw "free sound" in their searchbox, and sift thru the stuff. Maybe you'll find someting you like there. Good luck.
  5. da chicken

    da chicken MajorGeek

    I really like Media Player Classic. A bit of configuring and it'll play everything under then sun. And a little bit more than that.

    FWIW, Real recently released it's streaming format codec, so you no longer need RealONE Player to use .rm and .ra files. Thank God.

    NICK ADSL UK MajorGeeks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Tarkus i think you could give jet audio a try i have been using it and broadcasting with it sounds superb

  7. da chicken

    da chicken MajorGeek

    After looking a bit, it looks like you still ned to install RealOne to get the codec, but once you've done that Media Player Classic will run .rm files just fine. Ditto QuickTime and .mov.

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