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modem problem and can i have 2 dialup modem?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by airwolf9090, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. airwolf9090

    airwolf9090 Corporal

    is it ok to have 2 dialup modems in one computer ok thats the end of that one

    i just got mine back from best data and it is still a pos they said they replaced it but i still get a connection at 9kb's but i dont get that warning no more i turn off error control and i get a connection of 21kb's so what can i do to fix this or should i just go to newegg and order a newone even tho i paid $40 for this one :rolleyes: does the pic help :p

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  2. 44039

    44039 Private First Class

    Yes, you can have multiple modems.

    As far as your connection speed, it's possible that it's not your modem. There's lot of things that can affect connection speed. ISP, time of day and your phone lines are primary examples.

    Would be bad you fork out $40 for another modem, to find out that it wasn't the modem.

  3. airwolf9090

    airwolf9090 Corporal

    i paid $40 for the best data one my isp uses v.90 they dont use v.92 because they said they had to many problems
  4. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Even though your ISP may not use/support V.92 doesn't mean your V.92 modem would not work in V.90 mode. V.92 brings a few advanced features that V.90 didn't have, so if your ISP doesn't support V.92 functionality your modem should still work like it was a V.90 modem (backwards compatibility thingy).

    Then again, it could be a hw issue with the modem itself. Best Buy wouldnt have been my first choice for a reliable dial-up connection anyhow. I would try another V.92 modem to see if you experience the same problem, if so then these are the possible cause of it (IMO):
    ISP not working efficiently with V.92 modems.
    Your phone-line have some issues (phone chord or line noise)
    System dial-up configuration is wrong.

    if the other modem works fine, then your initial modem was kaputt (or was using not-so-good drivers).
  5. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Also I forgot to mention earlier, I'd not recommend having 2 dial-up modems on the same system since it might cause conflicts with resource sharing (memory, IRQ, dlls, etc.).
  6. airwolf9090

    airwolf9090 Corporal

    let me just say one thing first you think i got this modem from best buy because i did not i got it from radio shack for $40 and the modem was made by Best DATA i will try to find a better driver tho because this modem did work great at first but thin it went to hell
  7. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    My apologies since I meant to write Best Data but I was thinking about a sale on Best Buy and wrote Best Buy by accident. Besides how could I have guessed that you bought it from Best Buy, I am not a fortune cookie! =))
  8. airwolf9090

    airwolf9090 Corporal

    well i think i may have it fixed i download some command lines from bestdata for this modem and i had it reset to factory defaults with it not listning to the phone line for errors my connection is back up but this time it is up to 57KB'S lol

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