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mySQL installation - Driver 3.51 not found

Discussion in 'Software' started by registerjack, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. registerjack

    registerjack Private E-2

    I have just installed mysql on my system but when I open it, I get the message 'not found - driver 3.51 not found' in my environment window.

    I have downloaded and installed this driver and it appears in my list of drivers in my ODBC panel.

    Can anyone help me remedy this problem - I am not massively technical so a laymans explanation would be appreciated.

    My email address is: jack@brackmans.co.uk


  2. ChViRuS

    ChViRuS Private E-2

    Open what? The core system, or a subsidery program? I need to know what's causing the problem to help track it down.
  3. IceCreamKid

    IceCreamKid Private E-2

    OK, this thread seems to be the number Internet hit for this particular error message so an answer could potentially help a great many people. Let's see. I just installed this thing last night so I am assuming this is on the core system. Does it really matter? I imagine registerjack must have figured this one out on his own by now. ;)
  4. Kodo


  5. Bustergut

    Bustergut Private E-2

    I'm in the same position (or similar). I installed mysql and ran the admin tool. In the environment box it says the ODBC drivers are missing and I just installed them. I'm running XP Home.

    Also, when the admin tool first started I entered a username of root and also a password. When I type 'mysql -u root -p' it asks for a password and will accept nothing. Get a message error 1045 access denied for user root@localhost using password yes (or no). Is this tied up with the driver problem ?

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