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Netgear WGR614 v6 slowing internet connection !!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by malmsteen, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. malmsteen

    malmsteen Private First Class

    Hello people !!!
    just bought a new wireless router , netgear wgr614. And am using it as a wired router. This seems to slow down my internet connection dramatically.
    Im on a broadband connection with 100Mbit/sec. Had no problem with speed earlier , until i started with the wireless router.
    Is there a way to overcome this ?? Any configuration or tweaking, so that my connection is back on the speed which it used to be.
    Kindly help !!!:) :) :)
  2. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    You have 100Mb/sec. Internet connection? ;) ;) ;)

    I am connected, as I am writing this, using WGR614 with 6Mb/sec. RR cable Internet, and I do not see any Slowdown.

  3. malmsteen

    malmsteen Private First Class

    Whats ur configuration for the router ??? Maybe i can alter mine accordingly

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