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Network Bridge How to?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 92bounderdiesel, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. 92bounderdiesel

    92bounderdiesel Private E-2

    I have a 3 node lan on cable modem thru di704p linksys router. I travel in motorhome, and on the road I connect via a Sprint Wireless Web PCS Phone / Modem connection and/or wifi (when I can find it).

    I can get one computer running on PCS no probelm, but I would like to get the other two nodes up (2 nodes on xp pro, 1 Win98).
    In trying to switch to ICS I get ARP cache failures among other failures. and have to do system restores to get cable modem working again.
    Ive thought to use Hardware configurations as templates for each internet connection type but have not been able to get them working.
    I would like to have the flexibility to have any (not simultaneosly) of the nodes be the ics server and the other two connect thru for that configuration .
    Of course a single solution would be great.
    If there is a FAQ, tutorial, Book, out there that discusses this (hopefully with diagrams)listing dhcp (enabled or not), workgroup name, ics, firewall, Alternate IP config, Dns setting (PCS requiires manual pcs setting) etc etc

    A 2nd similar but separate project would be to get my notebook (which has a wifi card in it ) shareing the wired linksys cable connection (network bridge) with another notebook that I could take out into the yard

    Lastly, how to share a wifi connection with the other 2 wired notebooks (not using PCS)

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