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Network Gaming issue (IPX)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kibble, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Kibble

    Kibble Private First Class

    Hey all,

    Recently bought the BG 2 and the expansion pack combo in hopes of playing LAN with my friends. Anyway, the game was installed on both our machines (I have 2 computers at home). We went to the Multiplayer games, I was going to be the host, so I created an IPX game. On the other end, my friend can't see the game I had created. It doesn't work any way we try it

    There are 4 ways to play multiplayer on baldurs gate: TCP/IP, IPX, Modem, and Serial. IPX seems the most logical, but TCP/IP would be fine if I could figure it out. Modem and Serial make no sense to me.

    I don't see what is wrong. I play Warcraft 3 LAN just fine (Which I suspect is IPX or something like it) Anyway, here is my situation...

    -We run a Linksys router
    -I am running windows 98, and he has XP (This may be a problem)
    -We have the same versions of the game

    Here is a link to show you what the Baldurs Gate Multiplayer interface is kind of like. Might help.

    I'm not sure how helpful any information I gave was. If I can help any more by supplying missed information, just post and i'll get it for ya :p

    But basically, how do you set up an IPX on a LAN with different OS? :p

    Thank you so much!
  2. tricemierius

    tricemierius Private E-2

    make sure your network is set up
    through your Linksys router make sure all connections are secure and I am assuming that both computers can use the internet.
    Than I used the "setup a home or small office office network" which is in your win XP control panel under network connections, when that wizard is done it will ask to create a disk on a floppy and run that in your win 98se machine
    now you should be able to see shared folders in both Machines for transferring files etc.
    through your router you can find your internal IP's and use this to connect directly with tcp/ip
  3. BozUriel

    BozUriel Private E-2

    Nicely done, tricemierius.

    If I can add the following...

    Can you ping each other?

    Are you planning on playing bg in the same room (LAN) or over the Internet (WAN)?

    XP's firewall turned off or at least giving axx to ur win98 box?

    If LAN, I'd choose TCP/IP. Assume your Linksys router is ip addy and it has at least four ports then make each box playing have a static ip addy. They could look like this: BOX ONE; BOX TWO; BOX THREE; BOX FOUR with a class "c" network sub for all boxes,

    Boom ur all set. If ur LANing turn off all firewalls, ip blockers (don't get me started on them), virus scanners, and the like.

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