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Network Problem or What?

Discussion in 'Software' started by mbmadiw, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. mbmadiw

    mbmadiw Corporal

    My parents have this problem and are getting really pissed. They have four computers set up on a network with no server, on one DSL account.

    Their main problem is that QuickBooks freezes up and won't let the other three computers into it. QuickBooks is set up on one computer and the others access the information from that computer to update files, etc. They have to restart everything to get in again.

    For the first time today, my mom got the attached error when it shut down. I'm hoping this is a clue to solving the shutout/freezing problem.

    Also, they have restrictions set through firewalls to keep their employees from using the Internet for anything except MapQuest. I advised they get rid of that, but they don't want the problems of employees on the Internet, unless they have to.

    So, any clues on any of this for me? Thanks a lot!

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