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New DVD Super Multi Drive problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by williamsboldon, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. williamsboldon

    williamsboldon Private E-2

    bought a new LG drive, installed on the master cable, they tray opens and closes so obviously it is getting power and working, yet i cant find it anywhere on my comp so am unable to burn any cd/dvd's :confused: :mad: :( any help/ideas??????????????????
  2. Geek-A-Hertz

    Geek-A-Hertz Private E-2

    What size in Gigabytes is the primary Harddrive?

    Did you try it on the secondary IDE?
  3. williamsboldon

    williamsboldon Private E-2

    tried it on both...my hard drive is 80GB...seems to be working now though, have written a cd, now guna try a dvd...i had put it on the master and had a standard dvd rom on the secondary...can you not have to forms of dvd drive connected...even though one is only a player, the other being a writer???

    what are usual movie files to write on a dvd??? i have failed in my attempts to write an MP4 and an MPEG, i want to convert them to a dvd file ( what are these )

    where can i get a free video convertor???

    thank you please
  4. Geek-A-Hertz

    Geek-A-Hertz Private E-2

    Yes you can but some drives have a difficult time shareing the same ribbon. This problem seems to be more evident when you have a very large drive like a 160G connected with a smaller, perhaps 20 or 40G drive or also putting a CDROM as a slave to a very large drive. Usually 2 CDROMs on the same ribbon will work but will cause problems if you try to copy a CD from the reader directly to the burner.

    I hope that made a little sense.

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