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New program, still can't read back images

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sandwarrior, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Sandwarrior

    Sandwarrior Private E-2

    I have a Compaq Presario SR1020nx, with a 2.80 ghz Intel Celeron processor, 1024 mb ram, 80 gb Ultra DMA hard Drive, running Windows XP home edition SP2. I dowloaded CD burner XP to copy 371 meg of JPG files to the CD. The format used was Joliet. I verified that the data was on the CD by access the images right after I burned them (I was still in the CD burner software). I went back to download some of the pictures and the CD cannot be read by my system. I tried it on other PCs and still no joy. CD burner shows the data is on the disc, I just can't access it.

    I wrote a letter to CD burner about my problem over a month ago and have recvd no reply. I also posted the question in their forums. One of their members suggested I download an ISO recovery program, but it appears not to have worked (I still don't have my images)

    Is joliet incompatible with my PC?

    Any suggestions on recovering my jpegs would be greatly appreciated.


  2. prometheos

    prometheos Staff Sergeant

    Hi Sandwarrior
    Your XP system does understand Joliet. But your burning software may not have closed it's session before you quit the program. You are usually confronted by the option of closing the disk and of closing the session. Closing the Session will write directory information on the disk and provide a pointer to the start of the data. Closing the disk, will first close the session, then lock the disk so no more information can be added. While you were still in the program, it knows the block-start and block-end of each file that it has burned. But without the directory information that closing the session provides, then other computers can't read it. It's confusing, because some burning software is very sophisticated these days. It "remembers" the title of the CD and the CD's unique volume code. With this information it will reload "cached" session information about that CD. My best advice, if you've been lucky, is to re-insert the CD into your burner, open your burner software and if you get a job pane full of files, find the menu item that let's you close the session. If given the option, "close it so it's readable by other computers". I'm not pulling your leg. Some software actually provides that as an option. Cheers and best of luck.:)
  3. Sandwarrior

    Sandwarrior Private E-2

    Thank you Prometheos,

    I will give that a try when I get home from work. I will give you a response tomorrow when I am done to let you know how it worked out. What you said does make sense. Hopefully it will still let me close the session. In the event it doesn't, whats my next option?

  4. Sandwarrior

    Sandwarrior Private E-2

    Well, that Idea didn't work. The program sat for several hours and did nothing. Still can't read the CD. Any other suggestions.


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