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newbie needs help

Discussion in 'Software' started by mrjiggy, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. mrjiggy

    mrjiggy Private E-2

    Hi peeps. Here is my problem, and I would appreciate ANY help I can get. I have a PIII 500 with a 20G seagate HD. I was burning a cd the other night and my PC froze. I got PO and smacked my PC kinda hard and blew the power supply. I replaced the PS and now when I first boot up my PC takes about 50% longer to get to my desktop and for my icons to load. I burn CD's through roxio for Back-up's and Roxio tells me the CD's are complete, but hangs during the final verification process. When I go to check the CD after burning, windows tells me that the CD is blank, and it doesn't seem as though it is even trying to access the CD drive. When I initially go online, my home page takes about 50% longer to load as well. after that the web pages load easily. I ran virus scans, defragmented, scan disked all drives, ran hijack this, and all seemed fine. My hard drive does seem to be making a little more noise than usual, and defrag took a LOT longer than usual. Any suggestions? TIA
  2. mrjiggy

    mrjiggy Private E-2

    My CD drives will not spin up either, with or without aouto insert notification turned on or off
  3. Novice

    Novice MajorGeek

    What OS and service pack levels? As you have experienced yourself computers do not take kindly to manual/physical attitude adjustments by humans! :)
  4. mrjiggy

    mrjiggy Private E-2

    ME with all critical updates. I run very few programs in the background and have about 90% free resources
  5. mrjiggy

    mrjiggy Private E-2

    update. I'm trying to backup again and Roxio is running data transfer rate tests again after this was done initially when it was installed years ago. Windows is also recognizing CD's with info. Roxio seems to be a bit of a culprit here.
  6. YiffyWereWolf

    YiffyWereWolf Private E-2

    I'm thinking the hard drive is going to go soon if it is indeed making noises. From my experiences, noises are always sign of the upcomming apoccolypse =O

    I actually had a hard drive that went out without doing anything at all! But my old mate had a hard drive that was making his computer bounce around. I still don't beleive it.

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