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No sound in browsers only (XP)

Discussion in 'Software' started by danieltalsky, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. danieltalsky

    danieltalsky Private E-2

    Okay, I think this is a tricky problem, so if you're going to try to tackle it, please read the exact description of the problem, AND what I've already tried.

    Description of the problem:

    The problem is that in niether Firefox (latest version NOR Internet Explorer 6 are producing sound on my XP SP2 box under ALMOST all conditions.

    I am able to play Flash based video on YouTube, Google Video, etc., but there is simply no sound, no matter what I do with mute or volume knobs.

    In case you would dismiss this as a plugin issue, there is one case I know of where the Firefox browser produces sound itself. This is when you type into the search-as-you-type window. When you get to a character it doesn't see on the page, it makes a little burping noise. I am NOT hearing this sound.

    Other plugins, like Real and Quicktime, also do not produce sound, but Windows Media Video IN IE ONLY does produce sound. That's the only situation I know of so far where I can get browser sound.

    When it started:

    I wish I knew exactly when it started, but noticing that YouTube movies were not playing sound was the first thing I noticed. I tried them in IE and they also didn't work. Then I followed the Flash troubleshooting tip of uninstalling Flash completely and reinstalling it.

    Important things to note:

    1. Other Non-Browser applications ARE producing sound. This includes WinAmp, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, and ALL OTHER non-browser applications.

    2. I have the latest edition on my sound card software, etc.

    3. I have the latest version of Flash player

    4. Even NON plug-in sound in Firefox is not working.

    What I've tried:

    1. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash.
    2. When Firefox came out, I installed the update hoping it would fix the problem. It didn't.
    3. I checked my Windows Sound settings to make sure nothing was awry. It didn't seem like there was.
    4. I made sure other non-browser applications produce sound.

    If anyone has any further useful troubleshooting tips, I would be very grateful.

    I'm reluctant to completely uninstall actual browsers, but I would try it if someone thought it was the only genuinely useful step left.

    thanks for your time,
  2. Toni_1947

    Toni_1947 Command Sergeant Major

    Well...you didn't mention THIS:
    Are you set up like this in IE?-Tools>Options>Internet Options>Advanced tab>Multimedia
    Check 'Play sounds in web pages'

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  3. danieltalsky

    danieltalsky Private E-2

    Thanks, I didn't check that, but it IS on.
  4. danieltalsky

    danieltalsky Private E-2

    My god, can no one help me?!?!?!
  5. Exterus

    Exterus Private E-2

    I have the exact same problem. Only, I use Firefox. I can't get any sound in IE either, though.

    At first I thought it was some sort of codec issues, so I uninstalled and reinstalled my codec pack. No change. So I uninstalled it and tried another one. Still no change.

    Please, help us! :(
  6. dchristman

    dchristman Private E-2

    What type of sound cards do both of you have so we can look at the sound card settings themselves. Not saying that's what it is but maybe you both have the same sound card and it is the same problem.
  7. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Out of curiosity. Are ye running firefox If so, this issue should be resolved within


    This may or may not work:


    If java related, download the latest java application:

  8. dchristman

    dchristman Private E-2

    If that doesn't work I'm pretty sure your firewall can actually block the sound through your browsers. What firewall are you both using?
  9. Exterus

    Exterus Private E-2

    I'm using the latest version of Firefox ( And I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum.

    What, am I supposed to add a sound to that event? If so, no change.
  10. Exterus

    Exterus Private E-2

    By the way, these are (only) drivers for my soundcard that I have installed: http://tinyurl.com/jvra6

    And I use McAfee Personal Firewall. I've checked the settings in it and can't find anything that would kill the sound.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2006
  11. bbasic

    bbasic Private E-2

    I spent many nights solving this problem but I am glad it is finally no more.

    Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32 and add new string value named wavemapper with value msacm32.drv.
  12. Minus

    Minus Private E-2

    I had the same problem, thanks bbasic.

    One thing I noticed though is that I cant control the volume of whatever is playing (youtube video, etc...).

    Is there a way to fix that, or should I be happy its playing at all lol???
  13. Exterus

    Exterus Private E-2

    It works! Excellent, thanks. :) I second the question of the poster above me on the volume issue, though.
  14. bbasic

    bbasic Private E-2

    What exactly is wrong? You can't set volume from Windows' sound control, or from player's sound control, or something else?

    I have no such problems. In case you miss it, add string value named midimapper with value midimap.dll at the same place, it may help but I am not sure. If it doesn't, please paste here the content of the registry key we are talking about (as screenshot, or whatever).
  15. 93lt1

    93lt1 Private E-2

    Excellent! Your solution worked for me as well. Thank you 4 posting!

  16. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Fix and solution above for anyone having same issue, if this doesnt fix your issue then please post a new thread of your own, detailing the problem, any error messages, what Windows version you using and any steps you already taken to resolve this.

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