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Norton 2006 Live Update Problem

Discussion in 'Software' started by jaycjayz, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. jaycjayz

    jaycjayz Private E-2

    As the title states, I have Norton Anti-Virus 2006. The problem is that Live Update does not automatically update. It used to, but hasnt for a couple of months now. In order for me to get the updates, I have to manually do it. I am guessing that the problem lies somewhere in my Windows Services (services.msc), but I am not sure which service is the problem, or if that is even where the problem is. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Matacumbie

    Matacumbie Rocky Top

  3. jaycjayz

    jaycjayz Private E-2

    No, that is if Live Update starts, but does not complete. My Live Update will not initiate on its own. In order for me to get my updates I have to start the process myself. I have already searched the Norton website....did that prior to posting here. Any other ideas?
  4. Maxwell

    Maxwell Folgers

  5. jaycjayz

    jaycjayz Private E-2

    The 2nd link may do the trick. I am attempting it at my next restart.

    Thanks Maxwell:D

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