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On and off performance

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ManongTenchi, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. ManongTenchi

    ManongTenchi Private E-2

    A computer that I've been helping out with has been acting wierd. The likely cause for most of the problems is probably spyware and viruses, since my friend hasn't really done much to prevent these things.

    The main concern I have is that the computer runs awkwardly, even when the OS isn't on. Basically, when we run this hardware diagnostic tool (located on a different partition on the same hard drive), sometimes it freezes, and sometimes it takes a while to load things. When we log onto Windows, I look at the performance tab and watch the CPU usage, and it's very spotty. When running a virus scan, it will run at over 50% for about 55-70 seconds at a time, and then it will stay stagnant at 0% for another 55-70 seconds. Nothing would happen during this time, except the screen would be slow to react, which makes sense, since it says it isn't processing as much. It's a constant occurance, even on the login screen.

    Like I said, I'm absolutely sure there are spyware, but I'm just wondering if there is another issue underneath all that junk that I'm in the process of removing.
  2. ComputerGate

    ComputerGate Specialist

    With pests on there, no answer can be certain.
    You need to run a lot of scans to clean it up before
    you continue. If it's seriously clogged up, then I would
    recommend that you run through all the steps in the
    stickied thread in the spyware section of this bulletin board.

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