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one works and one dont

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nonam, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. nonam

    nonam Private E-2

    I have two laptops that were connected to the internet by a siemens wireless router that failed.I bought a new belkin wireless router .One of my dell laptops has XP and it connects through the belkin perfectly.The other dell laptop is older and has W98 and I cannot get it to connect.The wireless USB adapter says it is recieving excellent signal from the router but I cannot ping the router or anything else.I have been all over my puter settings but cannot spot the problem.Any ideas anyone??
  2. Kodo


    did you check the IP configuration to see if it's configured for a static IP or for DHCP?
  3. nonam

    nonam Private E-2

    Yes it is set for DHCP.
  4. nonam

    nonam Private E-2

    the answer

    run winipcfg-choose wireless adapter.Gateway should be your router IP address.If release and renew are greyed out you dont have wifi configured for DHCP.Do this-right click network neighbourhood-choose properties-highlight tcp/ip wireless adapter-properties-obtain ip address automatically.

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