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online games

Discussion in 'Software' started by green_newbie, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. green_newbie

    green_newbie Private First Class

    (maybe this should be posted under software)

    there is a free online game called subspace, pretty cool game
    very simple 2D above view of your ship fly around shoot other ships, with a team, objectives like cature the flag and whatnot.

    seeing if anyone here knows any other cool <b>FREE</b> multi player games
  2. mr_flea

    mr_flea First Sergeant

    psst... this board doesn't accept html... use and [/ B] tags. (i broke those so you could see them)
  3. green_newbie

    green_newbie Private First Class

    i see that
  4. green_newbie

    green_newbie Private First Class

    i see that this message board doesn't accept html tags to my text
  5. 187MDK

    187MDK Guest

    You see? we're glad you saw what we wanted you to see that we saw you see.

    187 :D
  6. iamien

    iamien Cptn "Eh!"

    for a while sony had a free game like SS, Cosmic rift. i was in CTF there for a logn tiem was 21st of top 100 for a while. Then it went pay to play and no one realy plays :( was ag reat game.
    Anyway i used to do subspace a lot, but then i just stopped. dunno why was a great game.,

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