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PCI ATA Add on

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toke, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Toke

    Toke MajorGeek

    :confused: Need a bit of info on setting up another HD via a PCI card with ATA connector. Is the HD to PCI card set to Master ?? Computer has recognised card ok. Can see a reference to a 'Maxtor on boot. Have set PCI addon to SATA, does this need to be ATA as if I do I have to boot with Control H which takes me to an array which I do not want, I want it to be just an extra EIDE HD ?? No reference in Disk Management/Add New hardware.

    AMD 3200+
    2 X 120 Gig SATA set to 0 array
    1 WD 250 EIDE Master
    1 Maxtor 300 EIDE Slave
    prob HD 250 Maxtor Eide
    1 Gig Corsair
    XP Pro
    and all the other stuff that makes it go Wheeeeee...
  2. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    If you are using the add on card for an IDE drive then you don't want SATA on. If the drive that is connected to the PCI card is to be the one to boot the system from...then I would say it needs to be master...if it is just extra storage, then it should be slave.

  3. Toke

    Toke MajorGeek

    Thanx for reply rogvalcox. I have now put it back to 'Slave' and lo and behold it has now fully (the com) loaded where it wouldn't before. As its booting it is showing as 'Maxtor Slave' but still no recognition in Windows or Disk management. Now this is a replacement from one that crapped out so it needs formatting but if it dont show in management I'm stuck. Can I slave it in another com and format there then replace back to original com as the PCI Slave storage as formatting it on another com will not take a snap shot of that motherboard ??? Or saying that if I take it from PCI card and connect it as just a EIDE slave on the mobo it will eventually go that should do the trick, maybe :confused:

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