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Powerpoint SlideShow

Discussion in 'Software' started by AirWarrior001, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. AirWarrior001

    AirWarrior001 Private E-2

    I'm making a Powerpoint picture slideshow and I want to add music to it. I know how to add music to an individual slide, but once I change to the next slide it stops. What I'm looking for is music to continue playing throughout the show. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Raider

    Raider Private First Class

    Right click on your little speaker in the slide show and choose custom animation from the drop down menu. When your song appears in the right hand pane for custom animation hit the drop down arrow to the right and choose effect options. Under stop playing choose after ___ slides (insert your number in the blank).
  3. AirWarrior001

    AirWarrior001 Private E-2

    thanks a lot Raider, that really helped!

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