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QBasic problem: Randomizing PUT statements efficiently

Discussion in 'Software' started by rpgfan3233, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. rpgfan3233

    rpgfan3233 Private E-2

    Yeah, I know, it's a dead language, but I have a craving to learn more! :D

    I have 3 BSAVEd graphics that are BLOADed into a file. I'm using PUT statements to display them. The problem is the fact that each graphic is stored in a different array, which means 3 different arrays, and I'm using a random number to call a set of IF...THEN...ELSE statements which call a certain PUT statement based on the number. I was wondering if there was a way to call a single PUT statement, with a certain array as the target array based on the random number. I'm only using 3 graphics (which will eventually grow larger over time), so I'm basically just asking for code optimization, if that's possible.
    Here is the code (note the redundancies when you look at the PUT statements):
    SCREEN 13
      DIM blbelt(901) AS INTEGER, blmage(937) AS INTEGER, fighter(937) AS INTEGER
      ' "Fast Palette Swapping" technique
      '$INCLUDE: 'colors.bi'
      DEF SEG = VARSEG(blbelt(0))
      BLOAD "bl_belt.bsv", 0
      DEF SEG
      DEF SEG = VARSEG(blmage(0))
      BLOAD "bl_mage.bsv", 0
      DEF SEG
      DEF SEG = VARSEG(fighter(0))
      BLOAD "fighter.bsv", 0
      DEF SEG
      FOR drawcharsY% = 0 TO 140 STEP 70
      	FOR drawcharsX% = 0 TO 280 STEP 40
      		char% = INT(RND * 3) + 1
      		IF char% = 1 THEN
      			PUT ([color=Blue][b]drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%[/b][/color]), blbelt
      		ELSEIF char% = 2 THEN
      			PUT ([color=Blue][b]drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%[/b][/color]), blmage
      		ELSEIF char% = 3 THEN
      			PUT ([color=Blue][b]drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%[/b][/color]), fighter
      		END IF
      	NEXT drawcharsX%
      NEXT drawcharsY%
    Okay, the idea I'm having is to do something like this:
    PUT (drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%), arrayName(char%)
    where arrayName is an array that can be referenced to fetch one of the arrays that hold graphics, based on the value of "char%".

    For example:
    	char% = 1
      	PUT (drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%), arrayName(char%) ' fetches the "blbelt" array
      	char% = 2
      	PUT (drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%), arrayName(char%) ' fetches the "blmage" array
      	char% = 3
      	PUT (drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%), arrayName(char%) ' fetches the "fighter" array
    I hope somebody can help or give ideas. I also hope I explained it well enough...
  2. rpgfan3233

    rpgfan3233 Private E-2

    I was able to change it:
    SCREEN 13
     upperbound% = 3
     lowerbound% = 1
     REDIM chars%(937)
     ' "Fast Palette Swapping" technique
     '$INCLUDE: 'C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\colors.bi'
     FOR drawcharsY% = 0 TO 140 STEP 70
     	FOR drawcharsX% = 0 TO 280 STEP 40
     		char% = INT(RND * (upperbound% - lowerbound% + 1)) + lowerbound%
     		found% = 0
     		images% = 0
     			images% = images% + 1
     			SELECT CASE char%
     				CASE images%
     		    		fileName$ = RIGHT$(STR$(images%), (LEN(STR$(images%)) - 1))
     		    		IF images% < 10 THEN fileName$ = "0" + fileName$
     		    		fileName$ = "[path\]prefix" + fileName$ + ".bsv"
     					found% = 1
     			END SELECT
     		LOOP UNTIL found% = 1
     		DEF SEG = VARSEG(chars%(0))
     		BLOAD fileName$, VARPTR(chars%(0))
     		DEF SEG
     		PUT (drawcharsX%, drawcharsY%), chars%
     		ERASE chars%
     		REDIM chars%(937)
     	NEXT drawcharsX%
     NEXT drawcharsY%
    If anybody needs help understanding it, just ask. :)

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