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Refresh rate help please!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sewy18, May 28, 2006.

  1. sewy18

    sewy18 Private First Class

  2. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    If your LCD supports 70, then go for it. If not, you are asking for problems, hardware wise.
  3. sewy18

    sewy18 Private First Class

    Thx for reply man how would I know if my screen supports it?
  4. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Look up the system specs.

    Not able to find much online, do you have the product manual?
  5. sewy18

    sewy18 Private First Class

  6. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    What resolution are you running at?

    Did you have to uncheck that box that said "hide refresh rates my monitor does not support" to get the list?
  7. sewy18

    sewy18 Private First Class

    and no tha box is still checked.
  8. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Well, it doesn't say you can't....but.

    When you run at max resolution, typically the refresh rate isn't supported to the max. I don't trust Windows on displaying correctly what the monitor supports.

    For example, my monitor shows in Windows that it supports up to 75hz at 1680x1050.

    My Viewsonic manual says 60hz max at this resolution.

    So...check the manual, or call them to be 100% certain.

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