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Rest In Peace Birdy

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CaNoFzOo, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    Today I saw a pigeon... and its wing was hurt and it couldn't get up and I started to cry. Its probably dead now, I hope so. I can't stand to see an animal suffering. :(

    Rest in peace little birdy
  2. Ginanatl

    Ginanatl Specialist


    I am the same way... I cry when I pass road kill. I hope that pigeon is dead too, and he/she probably is. Nature has a way of taking care of things. A few weeks back I went outside to take out the trash and saw a bird carcass in the doorway! It totally freaked me out and I couldn't go in the back yard (where the bird died) for weeks!

    I don't have a point but to say that you are not alone in having such a tender heart, in case you thought you were.

    Rest with the angels, little bird....

  3. BlackTatsu

    BlackTatsu Private E-2

    CaNoFzOo said
    "Its probably dead now, I hope so"

    Ginanatl said
    "I hope that pigeon is dead too, and he/she probably is"

    I understand what you two mean, but that sounds really bad!

    I feel that same way. I can't stand to see an animal suffer. But sometimes, I think pigeons are smarter than they lead us to believe. A couple of years ago me and mom went to San Francisco for a few days. We found this cool little bakery down by the dock, were they had the best pizza bagels I ever had. We started to feed the birds that were there eating leftovers and stuff. We noticed this pigeon with one leg, and his wing seemed messed up, so we started giving him more of the food. Then when he had his fill, he stood up, let down the leg that he was holding up to his body, and flew off perfectly healthy and full. Little bastard.
  4. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    My situation was different. This bird was seriously injured.

    Me and Ginanatl weren't trying to make that sound "bad" but I hope the bird is put out of its misery, and is in a better place now. I love animals, and would never wish bad upon them. :)
  5. Ginanatl

    Ginanatl Specialist

    All I really meant was that if he/she WAS injured beyond repair I hope the poor thing didn't have to suffer. Exactly what CaNoFzOo said.... I believe that spirits and souls (even of animals) either go to heaven or are re-born, so I would rather no animal live in pain. However, it would be great if that bird recovered! :D

  6. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    Nicely said Kaula
    Cano takes all this stuff way to heart, we need to be gentle with her now and then.

    @Cano, I'm sorry about the bird, sometimes nature sucks :(
  7. fleppen

    fleppen Gumshoe

    bring it in to a vet's, the bird will live and be healthy. :)
  8. Vonnie

    Vonnie Sergeant

    I agree with Fleppen, if there is any way you can catch the injured animal without endangering yourself and can afford the vet bill, you should take it in or find someone that can do it for you.
    If it can't be helped the vet can put it down humanely. It is a very hard thing to see an animal die in pain and suffering.

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