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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and winxp: wont run game

Discussion in 'Software' started by BluesMan, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. BluesMan

    BluesMan Sgt. Snot Bubble

    Installed the game and all went well. When I tried to run the game, the hard drive and CD spun and looked like it was gonna load but it didn't. So I downloaded and ran the rct2 patch and that went well, but still no luck. If I put the cd in and try to autorun the game, doesn't do it. Looks like autorun just hangs and the rct2.exe in task manager hangs as well.

    Tried running msconfig and disabling all startup items to see if that works, but same deal, game won't run at all.

    If I click on the icon on the desktop instead of trying to autorun the game, the mouse pointer turns into a spinning cd for a few seconds , then nothing.....
  2. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    hi bluesman now im not condoning the use of no-cd cracks and if this is wrong please delete this post but these little babies are very handy i buy original games yet more often than not i will use a no-cd to keep my discs in good condition and safe from the kids espicially handy on the laptop who wants to be lugging cds round?
    anyway these cd checks can play havoc with some games ive had problems like this b4 but use a no-cd and wahey game on
    maybe worth a shot

    anyway sorry if im speaking out of term but i thought this might be a solution to a problem
  3. alienwish

    alienwish Private E-2

    :cool: ive got the same prob but i see no response of other people so i suppose theres no fix :rolleyes:
  4. adam5116

    adam5116 Private E-2

    Hi, i have exactly the same problem :rolleyes: and really want to get it to work. If some one knows how to fix this could they please reply to this post. :)
  5. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    Uninstall the game completely, making sure there are no remnants left.

    If need-be, manually delete any residual or stubborn files, then reinstall the game and it will work.
  6. shadewolf56

    shadewolf56 Private E-2

    :cry i have a very big problem two so im playing for a while then the guest walk in straight lines in the exact same areas in a sqaured pathed area they walk like a tic tac toe board is there a patch for this

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