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Router problems - dropping the connection

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by samthemaster, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. samthemaster

    samthemaster Private E-2

    hi, i have a Zyxel Prestige 660HW-61 router. this is no good for xbox live due to the NAT settings.

    i bought a new router - a Netgear DG834G. i set up the router with my pipex isp username and password. the router worked but after about 5 minutes the router dropped the connection. i have upgraded the firmware to the latest version and have tried downgrading also.

    the problems are the same, the router loses the internet connection after 5-25 mins. restarting the router sometimes brings it back but sometimes doesnt.

    i really dont know what to do next, so does anyone have any advice as to how i can get this damn router working.

  2. techsalong

    techsalong Guest

    What type of connection - dsl/cable/....?
    Do you have a separate broadband modem?
    The modem should connect to the isp with no help.
    The router shouldn't need any user/password.
    If you ditch the router altogether and hook a computer to the modem, you shouldn't need to enter a user/password anywhere except email to have net access.

    Maybe the xbox needs something to connect to a paid or unpaid site, like the way we have to log in here, or do you do that manually?

    You should be able to, in this order only,

    Boot the modem until everything on it is ready and then
    Boot the router until everything on it is ready and then
    Boot your other nodes (or renew IP's) in any order.

    The router is just another computer to the isp and the modem. The router gets the IP from the isp, and then leases IPs to the internal (lan) nodes with a mini dhcp server as you know obviously. Without a router, the one computer would get the isp assigned IP.

    I'd set the router back to full defaults, and then do only anything that the xbox docs say it specifically needs. I've never had an xbox, so you might have to look at that. I would think you wouldn't need to do much, since the router has a default outbound rule that should open any port the xbox needs...

    Do you know specifically what it was about the old router that made it incompatible? That might help figure it out, too.
  3. techsalong

    techsalong Guest

    I should have added that the reason I'd set back to defaults is to get the connection stabilized before even hooking the xbox back up. Then if hooking the xbox up started the problem again, I'd know where to look.

    I also wouldn't rule out malware, so I'd unhook every node including network printers, switches, computers, xbox and leave only the router hooked to the modem to see if the router could maintain a connection on its own.

    I'd unhook all patch cables from it too because a bad one can do this.

    If the router was OK by itself with factory defaults, I'd hook up one thing at a time until the problem surfaced again.

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