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Screen savers

Discussion in 'Software' started by Thing, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Thing

    Thing Guest

    Hail dudes, how can i remove the windows xp default screen savers ? (bezier, flwbox, logon...)

    Thanks for your attention.
  2. Thing

    Thing Guest

    Apk !?

    Done! ;) thanks. What about the wallpapers, cursors, sounds is it safe to remove them ? all those that come with windows, i use no windows sounds or wallpaper, can i remove them ? how ?

    Sorry for the questions "leeching" :p thanks for the help []
  3. Thing

    Thing Guest

    Wtf is apk !?

    Ok thanks, sorry but i think i didnt understand you, can i really remove them ? wallpapers sounds and cursors ? i dont use any ? can i remove ? how ?
  4. Gottheit

    Gottheit General Logic

    APK = A pompous Klingon :D :p
  5. Thing

    Thing Guest


    I did try to remove the cursos but its not the same as with the wallpapers or screensavers... they still appear in the mouse options and gives problems, does anyone have an idea !?
  6. Thing

    Thing Guest


    Why did anyone remove the posts !? i need them now... or will anyone tell me again how to remove the screensavers, wallpapers, sounds and cursors from the disk ?

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