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SD Card Low Level Format

Discussion in 'Software' started by ClaimYourPhone.com, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. ClaimYourPhone.com

    ClaimYourPhone.com Private E-2

    Anyone know of a good utility to do a low level format of a sd card? Has anyone been successful at recovering a sd card that appears to be unreadable?
  2. OCTiMod

    OCTiMod Private E-2

    Try the Windows checkdisk on the SD card.. that will fix filesystem errors in some cases

  3. ClaimYourPhone.com

    ClaimYourPhone.com Private E-2

    I contacted SD support and they recommended that I use the disk manager under My Computer - Manage to format the drive using a card reader. For some reason I didnt think of this before. It took awhile but a format made the card readable. Thanks for the tip about checkdisk. I havent used that command in years.

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