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Discussion in 'Software' started by ched, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. ched

    ched Private E-2

    kk... I'm usually up in the software section - but I thought this one really belonged down here for you guys. I'm under the impression that when it comes to search engines, rankings, link exchanges and such that using cgi to call a link from a database (I'll assume SQL) - that really doesn't get into the whole search scheme of things ...

    2. That while some engines are looking for ways to spider the swf Flash files - noone is really doing it yet - and they won't show up as results in searches (although the html file holding it will)

    My question is about other pages, and do they get spidered, listed and indexed in most major search engines.

    jsp, asp, php, xml, and shmtl

    I know they aren't all the same kind of page and all, and I know that there is no real hard and fast rule with search engines. I've looked at searchenginewatch for the info on this - but it's hard to get a general yes no answer anywhere.

    Do search engines find and index those pages?

    tyvm for your time,
  2. Kodo


    simple answer.. yes; However, it does apply to protected areas.
    Even pdf's are logged..
  3. ched

    ched Private E-2

    oh .... ok.
    I was under the impression that a lot of the asp, php, and jsp stuff was getting left out of everything.

    ty Kodo - I appreciate you clearing that up.

    Not sure what you mean by protected areas though?

    Sites or directories that have a password protection scheme of some sort I assume. (Nope, I still haven't changed mine over to the .htaccess thing yet - still using the the little java applett.)

    Best to all
  4. Kodo


    that's exactly what I mean by protected areas :)

    if directory listing is allowed, then files can be archived too. Pretty much anything.

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