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Secondary Hard Disk Drive Not Found

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by barnburner, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. barnburner

    barnburner Private First Class

    I have a Dell Dimension 8100 - Windows XP, with a cd-rom, and a cdrw.
    When I start the computer up, I get a message saying
    " Secondary Hard Disk Drive 1 Not Found"
    "Press f1 to continue, or f2 to enter setup".
    If I go to setup, both drives show up and are listed as
    when I press f1, the boot continues, and xp starts up, with my cdrw not showing up. I then restart the computer, and it loads up again with both drives showing up and working fine.
    This only happens on computer start up - restarts are fine.
    I have tried two different cdrws to insure that it is not a problem with the drive itself.
    Any ideas?
  2. Ironsnipe

    Ironsnipe Private First Class

    First off if the hard drive you added is on teh same channel(i.e. the same cable) then make sure that the jumpers on teh back of the drives are set correctly. Make the harddrive master and the cd-rw slave.
  3. barnburner

    barnburner Private First Class

    That's the way I had them set when I added my cdrw. Unfortunately, the cdrw would not show up regardless of what I did at that point.
    I changed both of them to cable select and at least they show up after a restart now.
  4. Ironsnipe

    Ironsnipe Private First Class

    So is it all figured out?
  5. barnburner

    barnburner Private First Class

    No - I still have to wait until my system loads up - the restart in order to be able to use my cdrw.

    I'm wondering if it might be a faulty IDE cable.
  6. Rob M.

    Rob M. First Sergeant

    I gather that you have just the two IDE drives in your system, and both of them are on the same channel.

    You might try putting the CD burner on the secondary IDE channel. If the two drives are on different channels, set the jumpers on both as "master". You'll need a second 40-pin IDE cable for the CD burner.

    You may get an added benefit of better performance from your hard drive. CD-ROM drives on the same channel as a hard drive sometimes slow the hard drive down.

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