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security patches

Discussion in 'Software' started by ludvig14, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. ludvig14

    ludvig14 Private E-2

    i am running win xp pro with automatic updates and just got the patches for IE6 and windows player and tried to instal the patches, but up came a window saying that theese progs have NOT passed the windows logo testing , so the instal was aborted.I went to the windows update site to try and got the same message. never had any probs before. Help!

    even kings sometimes loose their head.
  2. jmatt

    jmatt Private E-2

  3. ludvig14

    ludvig14 Private E-2

    :D thank you jmatt, that solved my problem.
  4. jmatt

    jmatt Private E-2

    Good news ludvig14

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