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some funny pics

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by hithere, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. hithere

    hithere Staff Sergeant


    interesting? see the rest!:D

    Why Bush got re-elected:

    Why Sadam didn't fight:

    Why this is an honest sign:

    How guys can "aim" better"

    Why this guy is not Evel Knievel:

    How Einstein died:

    How to really cut a deck:

    Why you will stare at this pic:

    Why u should check your mouse before u touch it:

    Why Osama is hiding:

    Why u shouldn't complain about having a bad day:

    Why the team lost: :D:D:D:D:D

    Why this is the perfect getaway:

    Why men die before women 1:

    Why men die before women 2:

    Why men die before women 3:

    Why men die before women 4:

    I dont know/forgot the name of the site(s) where i got these from.. And also sorry if any of the pics are inappropriate
  2. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    Hehehehehehehe some good ones there. ;) :)


  3. Solange

    Solange Sergeant Major

    Thanks for some very good morning laughs! :D
  4. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    LOL I knew there was a good reason to come into work today ;)
  5. hithere

    hithere Staff Sergeant

    Thanks! :) Glad u guys liked them!
    When i saw the pics, i knew i had to share them.
  6. hithere

    hithere Staff Sergeant

    LOL! This one's cool...:D:D:p:p

    Attached Files:

  7. Ken3

    Ken3 MajorGeek

    Tweety Bird with an attitude :D
  8. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    Thanks dude you've just cheered me up from my history coursework!!!
  9. hithere

    hithere Staff Sergeant

    u gave me a brilliant idea!:D


    Coming soon! dont miss it!
  10. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Hahahaha That is great! Im glad i came back one more time before gonig to bed ;)


  11. Solange

    Solange Sergeant Major

    Now that is a MUST SEE! :D Where can I get the ticket?
  12. MikeH

    MikeH Specialist

    That's great! ("I will terminate KFC")
  13. COBRA90GT

    COBRA90GT Private First Class

    Heh, some funny ones in there...
  14. hithere

    hithere Staff Sergeant

    "Two thumbs Up!" :)
    Lol! It's the "Tweeterminator" :D

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