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SP2 Network Install: 272 MB. Single Machine Install: ??? MB.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Wisewiz, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Wisewiz

    Wisewiz Apprentice's Sorcerer

    Does anybody know a definitive answer (and source) I can give to all the people who keep telling me they don't want to touch the Network Install version, and they want to know the EXACT size of the Single Machine Install version?

    Mebbe I haven't been able to FIND a set size because (maybe, ... I'm guessing, based on other MS downloads in the past) the size varies with the machine, and the install files have to be downloaded live. Is that how it's working for the Single Install version?

    NICK ADSL UK MajorGeeks Forum Administrator Staff Member

  3. Kodo


    the definitive answer is
    the 266MB download is NOT for regular users. Dependent on what post SP1 hotfixes are currently installed will either add to or deduct from the total MB they will have to download including the core update of SP2. I would say that the average person doesn't have many post sp1 and should expect a heavy download. if they want to minimize the download time, have them get all the updates available now.

    Have them order it on CD from MS. i'd post the link but MS keeps yanking it every time I post it ..lol

    NICK ADSL UK MajorGeeks Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Kodo :)
    You are indeed correct. I have just come across this article from the BBC in which Paul Randle, Microsoft's UK manager of all things XP, said the final SP2 package would be about 80MB in size when released
  5. Nirvana_CN

    Nirvana_CN Private First Class

    I beleive i can help here.

    On XP system with SP1a and fully updated with all post SP1 security and optional patches, it takes 82Mb-95Mb

    On XP with SP1a and no other patches installed it will take 90-140Mb

    On a barebones XP with no SP, depending no the services you ahve running , it is 95-272Mb~ ( I doubt anyone will have every service, and about a million apps installed and running to warrent a download of this size :) )

    This was last tested with RC2 in a simulated corportate environment, but i would beleive it will be accurate in the final Version, give or take a MB each way.
  6. Wisewiz

    Wisewiz Apprentice's Sorcerer

    Nick, Kodo, and Nirvana:

    Many, many thanks.

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