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Spam King goes to Court

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SportsNut, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. SportsNut

    SportsNut Corporal

    "king of spam Sanford Wallace takes center stage this week as exhibit A in a federal crackdown on invasive online advertising software."

    "FTC investigator Sallie Schools said Web sites operated by Wallace changed the home page in her Internet Explorer browser. Programming code on one page popped open the CD drive in her computer, and showed text saying "If your cd-rom drives open...You desperately need to rid your system of spyware pop-ups immediately." The site then offered a product called Spy Deleter."

    Spam King
  2. Kodo


    hang 'em
  3. eric06

    eric06 Sergeant Major

    i agree

  4. jarcher

    jarcher I can't handle a title

    thats just not good enough for me. . . . .I do have some torture in mind but nuch to graphic to tell. . . .
  5. SportsNut

    SportsNut Corporal

    Ahhh, but the plot thickens. There is another name wrapped up in this own thing.

    The guys name is Rob Martinson. Read the whole story of Martinson and Sanford Wallace.

    Full Story

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