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Spybot search and destroy 1.4

Discussion in 'Software' started by hei, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. hei

    hei Private E-2

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. However - I had some problems with Spybot search and destroy 1.4. The problem was that each time I tried to run the programme I got an error message saying:

    The programme is unable to find the file framedyn.dll This problem may be solved by installing the prgramme once again"

    I've tried that some times without any luck. I've also deleted the program totally from the computer, then downloaded it again, and installed it, but still get the same message. Now I also get "bad checksum" when trying to download the updates after trying to install the programme. Anyone who knows what I should do?

    I'm running Windows XP home edition SP2
  2. hei

    hei Private E-2

    And for the record I also get an message when starting the computer.

    "Can not open this file:

    BTTray.ink disabled

    Windows do not know which programme this file is to be opened in. Do you want to search the web for a programme or manually choose from a list?"

    Anyone know what I should be doing? Anything to do with the problem above?
  3. Banacek

    Banacek Private E-2

  4. Banacek

    Banacek Private E-2

    To solve the above try download from a different location just click on the button at the side of 'search for updates' and pick a different location. :)
  5. hei

    hei Private E-2

    Just a quick question. Is it neccessary for me to uninstall the current version of Spybot which I already got on my laptop, or is it OK just to download from another location and install it and the problem will be gone?
  6. Banacek

    Banacek Private E-2

    It's ok just to click and download from a new location. If it happens again just repeat the process. It's happened to me a couple of times.

    :) Banacek
  7. hei

    hei Private E-2

    I've tried to download and i the Spybot programme many times from different servers, but still the same problem.

    Searched to find the framedyn.dll file but haven't found it anyware on my computer using the tips here http://www.jarra.nl/?p=69

    Starting to get stressed about this now...
  8. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    Read instructions here
    To resolve this issue, use both of the following methods.
  9. hei

    hei Private E-2

    OK - I tried the first option, but now framdyn.dll file listed.
    I then tried the second option...didn't find any "Path" in Variable value, but added one and this seem to work. At least I was able to run the Spybot without getting the error message...this without rebooting.
    Now I even was able to download the updates as well.

    Thanks a lot for all assistance. Hopefully the problem will remain solved after rebooting as well.:)
  10. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    OK System Properties Under Environment Variables/System Variables/did you scroll down in the open window to find path?

    NOTE: If no Path variable is listed, click New. In the Variable name box, type Path.
    type the following: or hilite and copy so you don't make a mistake
  11. hei

    hei Private E-2

    Well I have got it sorted out as stated above. No path was listed, so I added the Path as instructed. Everything is still running OK after reboot.

    Do not understand why this happend in the first place though. Who on earth could have figured out how to solve this without assistance...
  12. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    That's why you have the Majorgeeks' and others to sort it out ;)

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