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Sudden Yahoo! Mail account corruption

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by aaronkar, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    Hey all! I have been using Yahoo! Mail for abut three years now. Approximately seven weeks ago, my Yahoo! mail account became severely unresponsive when used from my laptop. I had no previous problems, but then one day, every action became extremely
    slow. When I hit "reply," "delete," "next message," "compose" or any of the
    other functions, it takes up to thirty seconds to load the next page when previously it took about 1 second. About a third of the time, the page does not load and I get a "page is not responding" or "cannot find server" error message. The problem has not abated.

    However, when I log onto my Yahoo! mail account from a different computer, there does not seem to be a problem. In addition, all other web sites that I use on my computer have not experienced a similiar slowdown. Furthermore, when someone else logs into their Yahoo! Mail account on my computer, they do not seem to have the same problem.

    By process of elimination, it looks like my and only my Yahoo! Mail account and my computer and only only my computer seem to be having some compatibility issues with each other. When I have spoken to those in the know, as well as Yahoo! customer care, many people seem to think the problem is with a corrupted cookie on my computer. Whether this is the case or not, these are the steps I have taken to attempt to fix the problem (to no avail):

    Manually deleted all cookies, cleared cache and deleted Internet history.
    Ran McAfee virus scan.
    Ran Spybot.
    Downloaded and installed new "yahoo-optimized" IE here: http://ie6.yahoo.com/ie6/

    Alas, nothing has worked.

    I am running Windows XP on a four-month old Dell Laptop.
    My ISP is Time Warner Cable (New York City)

    Please advise. And much thanks!

  2. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Tried running windows update? And installing latest SP for IE? I just say this because recently the same thing happened, which was fixed by a "reinstall" of IE.
  3. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    no dice

    installed the last SP, ran windows update... still no dice....
  4. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    not that...

    nope, date has been and is set correctly....
  5. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    A Special Offer

    I will send anyone who can fix my problem a free, autographed copy of my book!

    Details are below in the thread, but in a nutshell, two months ago my Yahoo! Mail account became severely unresponsive. Any action that I take, such as "compose" or "delete" takes up to thirty seconds to load the next page, when previously it took 1 second. About a third of the time, I get a "page not responding" or "cannot find server" error.

    But here's the kicker:

    1) My account works fine from anyone else's computer AND

    2) Other people's Yahoo accounts work fine on my computer.

    Thus the problem lies solely between my account AND my computer.
    I have called Yahoo customer service to no avail. I have deleted all cookies and Internet history and cleared the cache. I have run spybot and ad-aware. I have reinstalled IE6 numerous times as well as tried to run Netscape. To no avail. HELP!!

  6. murphys_law

    murphys_law Private E-2

    yahoo mail

    I'm having the same problem except on my Dell desktop, all other machines and I can read my mail . I have done most of the steps you have done except for re-installing ie 6 also can't login to yahoo help....so HELP

  7. Antsmarching

    Antsmarching Private E-2

    me too!

    I'm having a similar problem too! (for about 5 days now)

    On my PC-- I can access my mail and a few other yahoo functions, but I can't access my Fantasy Sports or use Yahoo's search engine! I also seem to get hung up on some Microsoft support pages... but I can access windows update.

    On my Mom's PC-- I can't even log in to Yahoo using IE! If I do, there are no frames (yahoo mail) and it doesn't function right... there's also something wrong with JavaScript! (I even get blank script errors.) I get hung up on Microsoft support pages and I can't access windows update.

    BUT, I AM able to access my Fantasy Sports (on my Mom's PC) if I use AOL! :confused:

    I have Opera on both PC's -- both get hung up waiting for a response to either search yahoo or access my Fantasy Sports pages, etc.

    I have Mozilla on my PC -- I got the following "alerts" (when trying to access them):

    Fantasy Sports - The document contains no data.
    Yahoo Search - search.yahoo.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

    I've ran Spybot, Adaware, HijackThis, etc... and I think I am going to go insane! I haven't tried the "reinstall" yet because I need to find the disk to reinstall XP... but that's next!

    PS--I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for AOL right now! :)eek: did I type that??) Baseball season kicks off today! ;)
  8. Kodo


    has everyone tried deleting their cookies and emptying their browser cache and tried again?
  9. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    did that...

    yup, deleted all cookies, cleared cache and reinstalled the browser, and didn't do anything. i finally called in some favors and had someone at yahoo out in Cali fix the problem remotely... only they never told me what they did so i'm still perplexed....
  10. aaronkar

    aaronkar Private E-2

    Any way to force POP3 to synchronize?

    Hey ya'll! You may remember me as the guy who started this "hot" thread. In really brief summary, my Yahoo! Maill account all of a sudden became severely unresponsive when used from my computer (but other Yahoo IDs' mail worked fine on my computer and my Yahoo! Mail works fine on other computers, thereby isolated the problem to my ID on my computer).

    I have emailed with the upper echelons of Yahoo! support as well as posted on these message boards to no avail. I'm wondering if you could help me come up with a work-around.

    It was suggested to me that I just utilize Outlook to check my mail on my computer, since Yahoo! Mail supports POP3 and the problem only seems to be isolated on my computer.

    The reason I have resisted this suggestion, is that I am under the impression (and correct me if I'm wrong) that POP3 does not syncronize. I travel a lot and I like not only to be able to check my email from any computer, but also to have all of my folders and stored email available from any computer. As far as I know, if I download my mail to Outlook on my computer and then sort it into folders, the next time I check my mail remotely, those emails won't be available to me. And even if I leave my mail on the server when I download to Outlook, my online account will not recognize the sorting into folders that I performed in Outlook. That may have been a lot to swallow, but I think this last paragraph made sense. Basically I want all my folders in Outlook and in my online account to be the same.

    So, in a nutshell, is there any software that I can use on my home computer that will syncronize with my Yahoo! Mail account? Many thanks!

  11. annabub

    annabub Private E-2

    I had the same problem with Yahoo.

    Aaron, I had the same problem with Yahoo. I posted a thread. It is on page 5 and is titled "Can't log into Yahoo for days now". I had a lenghty chat and my problem was fixed by logging in using the secure.yahoo.com method. I also downloaded all the links that these great guys left for me to download. If you have the time to read the communication, this might help you. (I also had to re-install IE, but that was for another problem a while ago. These guys know what they are doing. Hope this will help.

  12. hey jude

    hey jude Private E-2

    Hi,I just dicovered this site while looking for a solution to just this same problem with Yahoo mail!I have done everything suggested on here,and asked for help numerous times.The only difference I see is that I can access mine occasionally(like once a week),but after a page or 2,IE says this page is no longer available,or the name has changed,etc.Unknown error-1.Help!I'm a computer illiterate anyway!Judy :rolleyes:
  13. hey jude

    hey jude Private E-2

    Re: I had the same problem with Yahoo.

    Anna,am interested in how you solved your Yahoo mail problem,only I can't locate the thread you mentioned is on page5.May be doing somethingwrong,as this is my first time here. :confused: Thanks,Judy
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2004
  14. MechGeek

    MechGeek Private First Class

  15. hey jude

    hey jude Private E-2

    Thanx for the link,I think i'm figuring this site out.I've tried all the suggestions,to no avail!When I tried the secure login,it takes me to My Yahoo,and no links will open the mailbox.Yahoo says they can't duplicate the problem,but others can get in their mailbox from my computer!I talked to my ISP,changed some things,also tried many communications with Yahoo Help.I have other mail,but just wan to figure this thing out,and empty my folders.Any ideas,anyone?Thank You,Judy :rolleyes:
  16. MechGeek

    MechGeek Private First Class

    You can use any POP3 mail program like Thunderbird, or even Outlook Express if you like (i currently have it set-up using Thunderbird), to access your Yahoo E-mail. You just can use a niftly little program called YahooPops!

    It allows you to retrieve all the messages, even from custom folders. You can set it so that it leaves the messages on the server marker unread, marked read, or just download them completely from the server.

    Hope this helps

    Forgot here is the link to Thunderbird
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2004
  17. Thunder200

    Thunder200 Private E-2

    Hello there guys well I have been experiencing the same problems with yahoo and I may have a solution for you I had to do a reinstall recently after having the yahoo probs and when I did it I had no problems getting on there untill I went and did all the updates I installed IE6 and couldnt get on my yahoo account so I uninstalled IE6 and I can get back on my yahoo I am still using IE5 at the mo but still trying to work out why it works with 5 and not 6 hope this helps and if anyone knows why this is happening or can help finding out this would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
  18. stimpy

    stimpy Private E-2

    Me too!! I can't send delete on my yahoo account just wondering if anyone has found a way of fixing this....I believe a clean install would fix it...but don't want to go down that road unless totally necessary....
  19. ws74er

    ws74er Private E-2

    I had this problem on my laptop, but yahoo mail works fine with my desktop. I realized that my laptop has mcafee Security installed. I disabled privacy and firewall, and viola, yahoo mail works smoothly. I had similar probs when I tried running windows update, but now with both privacy and firewall off, windows update works like a charm.

    Hope that helps!
  20. kattbyrd67

    kattbyrd67 Private E-2

    What's the best way to recover a yahoo email password? Someone hacked my account and changed the password and now I can't get in. I've had the account for 4 years and there are things in my address book that I really need. Please help!
  21. Smee

    Smee Private E-2

    One of the teachers here was having the same problem with her Yahoo E-mail she couldn't compose here at school but she could at home. Well it's been driving me nuts trying to figure it out. I would try it on another computer here at school and it would work. Then I read your solution and it dawned on me that I have been recently updating many things off of the Microsoft site for security reasons. Anyway thanks so much what a help I went back to version 5 and its ok now. Thanks again.
  22. vwrfree

    vwrfree Private E-2

    I have been having problems with yahoo mail compose. I could not reply to anyone. I noticed that a member here said that they turned off part of McAfee security systems and they solved their problem. Well I tried that, I turned off firewall and privacy services for McAfee. My system started working like a dream once again. I then turned the firewall system back on and yahoo mail still worked great. I turned off a few functions in privacy and the mail still works fine. Sorry I dont remember what functions I turned off in privacy service. A humungous thanks to the member that put me on the trail to McAfee Security Suite 2004 ver 6.0.
    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much
    Vern R
  23. vwrfree

    vwrfree Private E-2

    The members name that sent me on the right trail was WS74ER. Even though they had problems with a laptop the same adjustments worked on my desk top Dell. I completely reloaded my computer assisted by Dell Tecks and still had the problem. If you have McAfee security or some other make try adjusting the functions.
    Thanks WS74ER,
    Vern Rodes
  24. jimvano

    jimvano Private E-2

    I had same problem and none of the posted suggestions helped. Finally upgrade Netgear wireless router's firmware and all works fine now. No idea why this helped, but Yahoo mail working quickly again.

    I rebooted the router several times earlier - so reboot alone was not the resolution.
  25. daemonchild

    daemonchild Private E-2

    KattByrd 67: On Yahoo! lost passwords...to retrieve a lost password through Yahoo!, there's an option for "forgotten password" on the login, Yahoo! will then reset to a standard password, then you can change. If someone knows your handle and security questions, they can change your password from any machine.

    I've also heard of people hooking up a spell-check modified to run through dictionary words. Now I always use numbers and case-sensitives whenever possible. Harder to crack.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2005

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