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sympatico to rogers?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by THE_CANADIAN, Mar 9, 2006.


    THE_CANADIAN Specialist

    i just recently switched to rogers from sympatico.. it think its because we want to keep everything on 1 bill.. and not have 1000 diferent bills for tv , phone and internet.

    Anyway ive noticed that rogers is faster , but alot slower and weirder when downloading music or videos from limewire.. and torents..

    What the hell is up?? why do i get slower download with rogers then sympatico i tought it was suppose to be faster

    like ive been trying to download this one song and it taking me forever.. i had to switch like 100 times and now it stoped at 50%.

    THE_CANADIAN Specialist

    sorry for the double post.. but it not letting me edit rofl!!

    i also noticed that it varies and fluctuates* alot meaning it goes from 9kb/s to like 85kb/s.. weird

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