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Teamspeak Admin Hack

Discussion in 'Software' started by The40, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. The40

    The40 Private E-2

    Anyone know of the TS admin hack? Our clans TS was hacked and the person was able to ban several players. We are currenlty calling on this, but I wanted to know if anyone here has had this problem or a possible fix?
  2. Dynasty

    Dynasty Private E-2

    It's called brute forcing... If you are an administrator of a server I highly advise you to make your password very cryptic and long. This will make the password more difficult to crack and the will give time for an super admin to trace down the cracker.
  3. Skull6

    Skull6 Private E-2


    Use what we do at work:

    at least 8 characters long.

    use at least one of each type of charater--uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers & special characters (those found above the numbers, using shift on most keyboards).

    Do not use any recognizable words (even if they're spelled backwards)

    CHANGE THEM OFTEN. (even if you use the known value of Pi, a hacker will eventually be able to crack it, given enough time.)

    Do this, & you can feel safe that most ordinary hackers out there will be defeated...
  4. LiLdEmOnDoG

    LiLdEmOnDoG Private E-2

  5. Snipergod87

    Snipergod87 Specialist

    few basic tips for running a teamspeak server. Backup ur server regulary i do it often. Secondly make sure your teamspeak server is NOT listed on the web server list.. if it is ur asking for trouble. make the password tough
  6. RogueXXV

    RogueXXV Private E-2

    NO one answered your question at all dang I had same situation and would like to know how to get back into my OWN DANG SERVER crap Can I use a BRUTE FORCE method on my own server to get it? please let me know how I can "BREAK BACK INTO" my own server :(
  7. Bladesofhalo

    Bladesofhalo MajorGeek

    I dont believe anyone will provide info on how to hack a server, that is not allowed here. Why dont you just get another server?
  8. *WavyGravy*

    *WavyGravy* Corporal

    LoL, your not a FEAR clan are you? And your not the eXalted clan are you? Could it just be a coincidence? Maybe! But I had recently heard from a friend that his old clan's TS server was hacked and whoever did it managed to Ban every single one of the clan members from their own server.
    My team's game server was hacked (well not really hacked) into as well. We had an old member with FTP access leave the clan in anger, so after 2 weeks of sh!t talking he and his friend loaded a beautiful virus into our server and really screwed it up. The good ppl at FraggedServers took 2 days to fix it and were considering removing our FTP access as well to prevent further abuse.
    Online game hackers the worst!

  9. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Two year old post?

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