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The unOfficial Post your Pc set up thread

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by splitt3r, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. splitt3r

    splitt3r You are now the victim of a drive by title change

  2. gL!tch

    gL!tch Private E-2

    nice evga sticker, lol i got 2 of those too
  3. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    Whoa big picture, can a mod resize this please?

    Antec 500W PSU
    AMD 3200+ overclocked @ 2300mhz
    Gigabyte G8NS-Pro
    Club 3D Geforce 6600GT 128mb
    Liteon 12x DVD R/RW +/-
    Maxtor 80gb w/ 8mb cache
    Audigy Soundblaster (basix!)
    Belkin 54G pci card
    LG FLatron L1710B 17" Monitor

    Basic stuff but I'm a student :p
  4. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    Why don't you put this in the lounge instead of a hardware help forum?
  5. splitt3r

    splitt3r You are now the victim of a drive by title change

    yeah, im got 2 evga stickers as well.

    Am I the only one who can't see that pic? I noticed I wasn't seeing my pics on the pcg forum eitehr.
  6. Clark_Kent

    Clark_Kent MajorGeek

    i can see the pic just fine but this should be in the lounge.....
  7. splitt3r

    splitt3r You are now the victim of a drive by title change

    any idea why i can't see pix in forums, I am using firefox.when i view in ie it works fine
  8. fleppen

    fleppen Gumshoe

    Intel Centrino cert. Asus A6B00V
    15.4" Widescreen TFT
    18.1" Philips TFT*
    Pentium M 740 @ 1,73Ghz
    1GB DDR2 566Mhz
    Ati Mobile Radeon X700 PCI-E
    80GB 5400rpm hdd
    8/4/8x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer drive
    Realtek HD Audio
    10/100/1000mbit ethernet
    54mbit wifi (b/g)
    media card slot.
    1 pcmcia exp. slot
    no legacy ports, just usb2.
    Vivanco 1600dpi laser mouse, usb
    * only connected @ home, not taking it with me everywhere :p

    18.1" Philips LCD**
    AMD Athlon64 3000+
    MSI K8HTB mobo
    1GB DDR PC 2700
    Nvidia GeforceFX 5700 256MB
    160GB HDD
    DVD - Rom
    4x DVD+/-RW
    10/100mbit ethernet
    media card slot
    TV tuner
    ** same monitor as connected to the laptop.

    Attached Files:

  9. Prophets21

    Prophets21 Staff Sergeant


    That's my Laptop, my Pentium system and an old 800mhz Duron system going from left to right.
  10. razorblade416

    razorblade416 Private E-2

    ok guys, you think ur PC's are pretty cool, check this out!!!!

    Pentium 133mhz processor
    32MB RAM (2X16) EDO SIMMS
    2.1GB HDD
    Windows 95 WITH USB SUPPORT
    8MB I/O Magic graphics card!
    8X CD Player (add-on)
    3.5mm floppy
    SoundBlaster Live! 16bit
    15' CRT monitor

    o yeah! Like to see anyone top that!
    lol, but amazingly it works real fast if u put a broadband connection on it! :)
  11. martinch

    martinch Specialist

    these setups are my son and daughters

    once you go multi monitor you cant go back!!!!!

    Attached Files:

  12. Insomniac

    Insomniac Billy Ray Cyrus #1 Fan

    I've got a headache just from thinking about 3 CRT's!

    No thanks, I'll stick with my single 19" CRT at 85Hz.
  13. ACE 256

    ACE 256 MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Overclocking Expe

    el cheapo 600Watt PSU
    MSI K7N2 Delta L
    Barton 3000+ ( 2.166Ghz ) @ 2.4
    9800 pro @ 466Mhz core 750 ( 380 core 680 mem stock )
    1Gb ram ( BH-5 ;) ) @ 2229 FSB 370FSB ( stuped locked barton :( )
    waiting for my next DFI infinity or lanparty to get here :D and i need to find another mobile barton...

    Laptop: 500Mhz P3 320MB ram 60GB harddrive (16MB cache)

    @Splitt3r your killing me on dial up man :(
  14. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    HP Pavilion desktop
    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2 Ghz
    200 GB 7200 RPM hard drive
    1 GB DDR SD Ram
    Dual-layer DVD +/-R/RW
    9-in-1 memory card reader
    7 USB 2.0 ports
    Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro
    HP Deskjet 990 cxi
    Logitech trackball cordless mouse
    Altec Lansing desktop speakers (basic)
    Canon LIDE scanner
    LF Flatron TFT L1510S monitor (upgrading to HP 17 soon!)
  15. splitt3r

    splitt3r You are now the victim of a drive by title change

    get cable:p
  16. Strange1

    Strange1 Staff Sergeant

    My main one...........4600 Dell 2.4 proc., 80meg hd dr, 1 gig mem,cd (play), DVD (hp)recorder, floppy, 19" CRT, ergonomic desk, 7210 HP all-in-one printer. Just basic stuff.

  17. ACE 256

    ACE 256 MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Overclocking Expe

    Ya ganna pay for it for me ?? I havent got any money for cable. But i can afford my free dial up :p...

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