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"this page cannot be viewed

Discussion in 'Software' started by honeee19, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. honeee19

    honeee19 Private E-2

    I recently helped a friend rid his computer of many viruses , using AVG, which I use and love. Since then, for some reason, or just by conincidence, he cannot view pages where he needs to use a password, such as his bank and places where he is already registered. He can go all through the process until he needs to enter his password and then it will say "page cannot be viewed" Can anyone help me help him?
  2. kadavill

    kadavill MajorGeek

    Which os?Does a browser change help?
  3. honeee19

    honeee19 Private E-2

    windows xp professional. But, I'm not sure which browser or if it is happening on more than one. I will check that out, for sure.
  4. honeee19

    honeee19 Private E-2

  5. kadavill

    kadavill MajorGeek

    You might try internet properties.
    Right click the default browser icon in the xp start menu and click internet properties.See if some setting is not right.
    Also check if cookies are enabled.Some websites need them.

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