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trouble opening photo's in email

Discussion in 'Software' started by Bubbles46, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    Hi guys...I've been fortunate enough to have had you help me a few times in the past and now I have a new problem. At one time I had Kodak software for my photo's, somehow I screwed that up and had to get rid of it. Since then I tried a few software photo programs and really didn't care for them. I have Irfanview but it's not really what I want either. Today someone recommended a free one from google..Picasa. I downloaded it and it appears to be what I'm looking for,however, i sent a photo to me to make sure it works and I get a warning asking me if I want to open it ( my security- which I will often get with other things )..I said yes but it won't open. it says i don't have a program associated with it to open....This happens to me every now and then with some emails. I would like to keep this program but I'm not too swift with figuring out what i need to do to get it to work for me....I would once again like to bow down to my superiors and ask for your help...
    Oh yes...I have a HP Pavilion a200n pc...My email program is outlook express....I tried to fix this in the " tools " of outlook with no luck..I could however save this from outlook to my desk top then it would open with windows picture and fax viewer...
    Thanks again
  2. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    Some info please what OS are you running?
  3. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    Forgive me...but OS...operating system?......I use windows XP..
  4. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    Under Outlook express Tools/Options/Security what do you have that is checked.
  5. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    "warn me when other applications try to send mail as me"...
  6. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    OK make sure that
    "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened etc." make sure that this is unchecked,and apply.
    Next--Internet Zone[Less secure but more functional] make sure this is checked and apply.
    Restricted site zones [More Secure] make sure that this is unchecked and then apply
  7. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    All done as you suggest jujet....
  8. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    Ok try sending yourself another e-mail with photo
  9. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    Thanks...did it....same problem...the photo isn't there so i have to click on the attachment which looks like a microsoft box, then I'm asked do i want to open it [ from a security warning ] I click on yes and another box pops up saying ' This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options Control Panel"
  10. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    Chk here when creating mail look at Toolbar/ open Format Tab make sure send pictures with message is checked
  11. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    It was checked....
  12. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Unless someone beats me to it:

    Unless I'm mistaken, it sounds like the association for that image is (may be) messed up.

    What extension are you sending? Or, I should change this to, what type of image are you sending? Can you view the image before you send it out?

    I did a "test" on my own machine. I can view a .jpg/.jpeg just fine, but, once I attach it within outlook express, the jpeg opens in notepad.

    Now, do the following:

    Create a new email. Attach your image. DON'T SEND! Now, double click the attachment! Does the image show? If not, what does?

    If nothing is shown, do the following:

    Bring up explorer. I.E. Start, Run, explorer (enter), click on TOOLS, then Folder options (pull down menu).

    Next click on the "File Types" tab.

    For my example, I'll work with jpg.

    Now, within the box "Registered File Types", scroll down to the extension you are working with.

    For me it is "JPG Graphics Interchange Formate Image". Highlight this, by selecting it.

    Now, click Change. You should/may have a popup "Windows can not open this file".

    Click the radial button: "Select the Program from a list"

    Next, select: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (or your favorite picture viewer).

    Click, OK, then Close.

    Now, go back to that attachment, and try double clicking on it.

    Does it work?

    Now, send it to your self. Does it work?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2005
  13. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    Thanks theefool..have to do this in the a.m..have some buisness to attend to...I appreciate your help and will get right on it tomorrow, can't wait to see if this could be cleared up.... ....I'll let you know what happens.Have to go for now.. :)
  14. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

    :) theefool yep I was leading up to Registered File Types oh well enough said
  15. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Yeah. It took me awhile to type that in, and ALT + TAB to the various screens. I PREFER to figure it out on my own, instead of using copernic or google.

    There is also a quicker way using the registry, but I won't go there. ;)
  16. Bubbles46

    Bubbles46 Private E-2

    Good morning to my helpers! :) ...I had printed off the newest offer of help from ' thefool" and had printed off another help sheet previously from the Picasa site...well this a.m., I tried the shorter one first [ Picasa ] and it worked!..something to do with disabling a current file association with Picasa ? sorry guys..am not too swift with these things...in any case it worked! But, I have saved and printed your suggestions in case this happens to me again. I want to thank you "Jujet" for trying to fiqure this out for me, I really appreciate your knowledge and help, and thanks also "Thefool" for jumping in to offer your help....This site is terrific! I've had it saved to my desktop and refer to it all the time...Have a great day both of you..
  17. jujet84

    jujet84 Master Sergeant

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