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vertical lines on monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by negativeB, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. negativeB

    negativeB Private E-2

    i just started getting vertical lines all over my monitor. sometimes it fills the whole screen and sometimes(like right now) there are just a few tiny lines covering the icons on my toolbar. the lines range from green, red, purple, and yellow.

    i traded monitors with another computer and both monitors worked fine. the problem only persists when i combine this monitor with my computer. otherwise, the monitor works fine on other computers and my computer runs other monitors fine. please help.
  2. catbro6166

    catbro6166 Corporal

    Have you tried degaussing the monitor
  3. negativeB

    negativeB Private E-2

    yes. nothing happened. right now i have cyan and red lines all over my screen. =(
  4. negativeB

    negativeB Private E-2

    ok, i just tested a different monitor with my computer. same problem. i guess the other one worked because it was an lcd. anyway, so i guess the problem is my graphics card? i have an ati radeon 9800. anyone know what i should do?
  5. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Trying a different video card, would be my first choice........
  6. negativeB

    negativeB Private E-2

    umm, sorry. nevermind about the lcd. tried that again and it doesn't work either. so it's definitely my graphics card, i'm thinking. what about you?
  7. askantik

    askantik Sergeant

    Download the latest version of Catalyst from ATI.com and if that doesn't work, call ATI (If it's w/in one year of purchase date and is an actual ATI card, if it's third party (MSI, Asus, Sapphire, etc.) then they usually have longer warranties. Even if out of warranty, I'd still suggest contacting the manufacturer just to see what they say. They probably won't be able to help, but I'd tried that before risking potential damage to your expensive card trying to troubleshoot it.

  8. AMDxp

    AMDxp N5638J's #2 Fan!

    It could be something in the monitor settings or the desktop (2d settings) part of the catylist control panel, i havent experienced that particular problem before but these problems persist with these 9800 Pro cards, I have one and unless i go into the Catylist and tick all the "let the application decide" boxes and turn off all the other functions like "A.I" and other 3D enhancements i get black vertical lines down my 3D applications (command and conquer Zero Hour to be presice) they are spaced apart and run top to bottom thru the main menu items, but the game plays perfectly fine and fast when it goes into its 3d mode :confused: i (stupidly) "ALT-TAB"bed back to windows and tried to change some settings again and when i clicked "ok" my screen filled with beautifull couloured squares, nice i thought, but how am i supposed to see the damn screen now :mad: , ALT-TABbing back to the game cured that one, I think these cards were all shipped before they were fully tested.
    Nag ATI (like i do frequently) and they make fixes in future updates for these problems. or they may shock you by actually replying! I think im going back to Nvidia if it carries on i never had a problem with their cards.
  9. AMDxp

    AMDxp N5638J's #2 Fan!

    as a side thought to this problem i have no idea why it needs .NET to run catylist but try updating the .NET software from microsoft to see if it helps, its just a thought. or try using the non catylist version of the "drivers only" where you just get the same options in display properties tab without all the bells and whistles, i havent (but will) try that soon myself.

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