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via cable modem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Tribulattifather, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Tribulattifather

    Tribulattifather Private E-2

    Okay...here is my problem....I have a laptop that only can use the a usb cable to connect.....Now I have a cable modem that is connected to a router that connects four other computers to the internet. So what I thought was also possible, since my modem has a usb female-in on it, I thought it possible to connect through that as well....okay then, so is it not possible to connect with using both ethernet and the usb? Or am i configuring my laptop wrongly...I am running WinXP Pro Service p1 on my laptop.... If this is possible connecting with both usb and ethernet using the thomson modem, can someone help me configure my laptop correctly?
  2. Kodo


    it is possible but each device (your router and your PC) will have to acquire an IP address. That means that you must lease 2 IP addresses from your ISP.
  3. Tribulattifather

    Tribulattifather Private E-2

    I don't really understand...would you be able to explain that to me again...how do I make my laptop read two ip addresses'
  4. Kodo


    Your cable modem assigns an IP address to the router. The router assigns NAT ip's to your pc's connected to it so it handles all the IP traffic and routing to it and then to the cable modem, all on one IP address.

    If you hook up your cable modem via USB to the laptop, then your cable modem will not only have to supply an IP address to the router but since your Laptop isn't going through the router, it too will need an IP address assigned to it. Therefore, you will need 2 IP address to be assigned. Cable companies only give you one unless you pony up for another.
  5. Tribulattifather

    Tribulattifather Private E-2

    Oh, okay...so you saying I should ask adelphia to configure a new ip address specifically for the laptop then? Or is there a way to make my own ip address for the modem?
  6. Tribulattifather

    Tribulattifather Private E-2

    Okay...i just chatted with an adelphia informant....and she told me she never had heard of such a thing....i have to use either/or....not both at the same time
  7. Kodo


    Like I said, it's possible. If the modem is only configurable with one IP address, then you're out of luck there. If it can assign two, then it should work. She's never heard of such a thing because the thought probably never crossed her mind.

    You're probably better off getting a PCMCIA card and plugging it into your router anyway. USB cable connections have been flaky in my experience.
  8. Tribulattifather

    Tribulattifather Private E-2

    good point on both accounts....she really probably never thought about it and I probly should get that card...thanx for you help....
  9. Freddy

    Freddy Sergeant

    If you only have a USB connection, you could get a USB NIC and connect through the router. Running all computers through the router will afford you some additional protection as well.
  10. Kodo


    Agreed, that sort of my unmentioned point being "better off".. :)

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