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Water pump noise

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mudshot, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    I was a bit premature with my last thread about how quiet my new pump was.....its as noisey as the old one now.

    I have taken it out and tried it in a bucket and its quiet but the moment it gets in the system ie blocks and radiator the noise is very apparant.

    Tried flushing out the system with automotive rad flush but no good.

    Has anyone come across this problem before?

    My next action is to get more tubing and try different arrangements.

    Bit stuck now for a soultion.
  2. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    What pump are you using?

    if you're using a hydor pump, then the rattling and noise is going to be there forever; those things have a reputation for being loud and dying because of the poor design.

    if you're using a swiftech, danner mag, or anything that looks exactly like those, have you run those without any liquid? those things aren't supposed to run without water, and they can die in a second or less without water or permanantly be noisy as a consequence.

    if you're talking about rattling in the case because of the vibration, i recommend a big slab of neoprene foam to cut the vibrations down. it's the cheapest way and most cost-effective way of doing it.
  3. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    Its an Enhiem 1048 supposidly the "one " to have

    It was fine for a week, then added some anti algea and next time switched on the noise started.

    Have taken it apart and run with no load ie pumping water from and back to a bucket and is quiet so not the pump.

    Flushed the system out several times, so no blockages apparent but could be furred up radiator.

    Must have something to do with the flow.

    I have pump out, resivoir, radiatior bottom, radiator top, CPU, Chipset, GPU, pump in.

    Going to get some more tube bext week and try different configurations.

    Will post pic later today
  4. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class


    Attached Files:

  5. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    the only thing i can think of now is the anti-algae. the stuff you're using might be a particulate substance (like, it has little particles). it can possibly mess the impellar and the parts connected to it, causing the noise. nothing you should worry about just yet. btw, what "anti-algae" stuff are you using?
  6. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    Flushed out the system several times

    Tried screencleaner/water/distilled water gone through 5 litres


    When the pump is on its own ie under no load its quiet

    Going to strip it tommorrow and see if anything is amiss in the pump

    cheers for the help
  7. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

    I found it

    When the pump is made they have to thread the outlets to take screw in connectors

    My pump had been threaded into the impeller chamber

    A bit of a grind and polish with the dremmell and its quiet again.

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

    The lesson learnt, just water(deionised) works nice, add any lubricant/screenwash/antifreeze/red wine(yeah I was losing all hope) and you stimulate bubbles that with this enhiem pump creates noise.

    I tried this after i polished and smoothed the chamber, so the moral is enhiem pimps dont like anything other than pure water.

    I can live with refilling it every 3 months or so to stop the growth.

    One thing does spring to mind though

    Was my old pump really faulty of did I just have an air block :rolleyes: Oh well whats £50.00 these days anyway :(
  8. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class


    noise is back

    i think its a small leak from somewhere

    if i dont post for a while its cos i got the hammer out
  9. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    if it has to come down to replacing the pump again, you should consider http://www.dtekcustoms.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=33 as the next replacement. cheap and reliable, although i don't know where you can get it in the UK. As a water additive, i recommend you try out zerex supercoolant. it will keep the parts inside your loop from oxidizing themselves to death (as they would with water). and you might want to use distilled water as well.
  10. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    This is driving me mad, BUT I will fix it (or buy a new PC)

    I think the pump is to powerfull for a 10mm tube system.

    My next plan of attack is to try to extend the tubing in the case to lessen the resistance of the water flow.

    Funny thing is my temps have never been so low...............

    ha ha ha h a h a ...............
  11. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    lengthening the tubes will only add resisitence. it's like a thin power cable. the longer it is, the harder it is to drive the power through the cable. but i agree with the 10mm part. you'd want at least 12.5mm tubing (or the UK equivalent), although those are harder to handle and easier to kink.
  12. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    whilst experimenting it seems i have fried my graphics card

    need this to be replaced then will report back
  13. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    Thought i had found it.

    The speedfit connector was very narrow 4-5mm as opposed to the 6.5mm pipe bore. Drilled it out to 8mm.

    BUT when refitting it the pump inlet snapped off, i wouldnt mind but it was by hand I hadnt got the spanner out.

    So new pump on order.

    Now I will never know what the problem was.
  14. mudshot

    mudshot Private First Class

    As I thought new pump no noise

    No difference to the set up.

    I wonder if there was a hairline fracture in the pump and it was sucking in air.

    Nevermind it works :p

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