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Where"s wally ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NICK ADSL UK, Mar 12, 2005.


    NICK ADSL UK MajorGeeks Forum Administrator Staff Member

  2. jarcher

    jarcher I can't handle a title

  3. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

  4. sibeer

    sibeer MajorGeek

    Pass the clean underwear please.
  5. Paradox

    Paradox Private E-2

    I knew it was comin', i friggin' knew it was comin', and i still jumped! lol.
  6. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    damn you Nick! I knocked the monitor down, threw the mouse 10 feet away and ran out the room screaming like a little girl.... :mad: :)
  7. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    i'm used to it alreay... yeah. i've seen these so many times that i'm conditioned not to jump every time something pops up on the screen.

    *AAAAAH!!!!!!!* *jumps 10 feet* oh sorry; that was just a popup window:D

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