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Win ME & legacy Win 95 app glitch

Discussion in 'Software' started by zznerd, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. zznerd

    zznerd Private E-2

    I've got this legacy desktop publishing program, Broderbund Print Shop Products 6.0, written for Win 95. I bought it remainder-ed for cheeeeeap, and in most respects it works just fine--I certainly can't afford the $100.+ to replace it. It was ok with Win 98 on my old box, but with my newer system and Win ME it locks up and won't boot after I've run even one or two other apps. I can open and close it at will so long as I don't boot something else. If I want to use it again, I have to warm boot. If I know I'm going to need it, I just keep it open while I'm using other apps. Has any one got a solution, or more elegant work around?

    CPU = AMD XP1800+
    RAM = (amount and speed ex. 256 Mb PC2100)
    HEATSINK = generic
    CPU Cooling Fan Socket A, 370 1.3+1
    OS = Win ME
    POWER SUPPLY = ATX-MT- 300Watt
    NVIDIA nForce MCP Network Adapter
    Onboard-LAN Integrated 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
    VIDEO CARD = ONBOARD-AGP2Integrated 3D AGP Video 1
    SOUND CARD = ONBOARD-SUAC-97 3D Audio Controller 1
    CASE = generic Chinese import
    USB=USB 1, PCI card, 4 ports (2 back, 2 front)
    OEM SYSTEM = X Technology custom configuration
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2003
  2. snakefoot

    snakefoot Sergeant Major

    Is this correct ?

    1. You have installed Windows Me
    2. You have installed Broderbound Print Shop 6.0
    3. When you launch one or two programs (Without either being Broderbound Print Shop) then your machine locks up.
    4. If you start Broderbound Print Shop and close it down again then you can't start it again without a reboot.

    What precisly are those "one or two programs" you can run that makes WinMe lock up ?
  3. snakefoot

    snakefoot Sergeant Major

  4. zznerd

    zznerd Private E-2

    I profusely apologize for leaving the impression that ME locks up. It is Broderbund, and it alone that fails to render service.

    THIS is this correct :

    1. I have installed Windows Me
    2. I have installed Broderbound Print Shop 6.0
    3. When you launch one or two programs (Without either being Broderbound Print Shop) then Broderbound Print Shop refuses to boot (launches in background). The machine works fine.
    4. I then can't get Broderbound Print Shop to boot again, unless I reboot.

    Those "one or two programs" could be IE , the modem, etc. for the net; or they could be any Lexmark printer or scanner app; or they could Sonix, a CD label printing program, or others, maybe any two.
  5. exeter_acres

    exeter_acres Sergeant

    Windows ME = Windows Monetary Enhancement!

    Downgrade to win98 or upgrade WinXP
    ME was a mess!

  6. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    dont be so harsh! i agree that me was a disaster, but it does work for many people, and i dont think that upgrading/downgrading is really an option in this case (is it?) there is probably a prefectly good reason behind this. Try getting a regcleaner, perhaps there is some sort of error in the settings (referring to a dead file) that a regcleaner might force it to fix. Have you tried re-installing? Looks a lot like a conflict with a system driver or somthing. Do you know how to clean boot? if so try that, and if you still have the problem, come back and tell.

    Hope i can be of help :)
  7. exeter_acres

    exeter_acres Sergeant

    Ok... I'll be nicer!:D

    (But I still hate ME!!)

    Followed the Broderbund link and do you (zznerd) know the chipset of your onboard video??
    Possibly a backup and then apply the patch? Patches sometimes fix issues that aren't even known....
    of course sometimes they can cause more too, so do a backup first...

    Curtis "I Love ME!";)
  8. zznerd

    zznerd Private E-2

    All of you had good ideas and I learn every time I boot this forum, even more when I post and ask questions.
    BUT I went to the MicroSlut site and downloaded two nVidia driver updates and, so far, the 'Bund ware seems to be behaving--ie: opening/reopening like everything else in my software stable.
    Thanks all.
  9. zznerd

    zznerd Private E-2

    Nahhhh, the sucker's still giving me grief. I ripped a CD using CDex (can be found here: http://www.cdex.n3.net/) and after that Broderbund would only open in background.
    I'm going to blow the isue off and just continue to use the workarounds
  10. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    you tried using a technique i like to call "scaring"? You bring up the ctrl-alt-del task manager, which freezes the system (stops it) and then when you come out(by clicking cancel), whatever was stuck sometimes comes out of it. worth a try, i suppose.

    P.S i call it scaring because im making the app think im going to kill it :D dont mind me, im weird

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