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Windows is not seeing my hardware

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ColoredPlants, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. ColoredPlants

    ColoredPlants Private E-2

    I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 2 and lately it hasn't been detecting hardware.

    The computer doesn't seem to see any hardware.

    For example, I have speakers hooked up with a Subwuffer, everything is plugged in as it normally should be. When I go to control panel, and click on device control, and error comes up reading exactly: An exception occured while trying to run "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "C:\WINDOWS\system32\USBAudio.cpl",Device Control"

    When I click on Add hardware, the mouse blinks as if it's loading and nothing comes up. Even if I keep repeatedly clicking, nothing happens.

    Another problem is when I view basic system information, and I click on the Hardware tab, nothing comes up. It's as though the computer doesn't recognize any hardware.

    I'm using a Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit sound card, and I am on a Dell Dimension Desktop 3000. If you need any additional information, please ask.

    The mouse and keyboard still work, but Norton Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall are not working either. That may be unrelated to this issue. Also, before this problem occured, Windows XP, under display, the theme dissappeared, so I had to get help to fix that. Unfortunately, I can't find any help for this error, so I'm hoping you guys could help me out. :-D

    Once again, if you need any additional information, please ask. I really need this fixed A.S.A.P. unfortunately. Thanks for reading...stupid Comp... :mad:
  2. kjanz

    kjanz Corporal

    the fact that the anti-virus is not working tells me that some 'bugs' are roaming your hdd.
    you do not mention that you've run any on line virus scanner.

    go to google, type in avg

    download that free antivirus program, and run its scanner. it will find and remove the bugs.

    also, run the spyware program ad-aware, free also

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